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How to Renovate Your Period Home Without Losing its Character


Owning a period home can be both a curse and a blessing. While they are, of course, incredibly beautiful and full of history, they can be hard to maintain and can have many outdated features. Homeowners can be reluctant to replace these features for fear of compromising on their property’s traditional heritage. However, it’s important to have some degree of renovation to prevent your property from looking tired and becoming dilapidated. Here are a few things you can do in your period home that will keep it looking fresh and modern without changing the property’s history and style too much.

Restore the original floorboards

Restoring the original floorboards of your period property can be a great way to breathe some life back into your home. Period properties often have beautiful hardwood floors that unfortunately are covered in carpet or otherwise neglected. It’s a great idea to embrace this feature of your property by restoring it to its former glory. This can serve both a practical purpose, in that you can plug any gaps that may be causing draughts and heat loss, and an aesthetic purpose, in that it can be a bold design choice that embraces the heritage of your property. If you prefer the warm feel of carpet, but like the idea of restoring your authentic wooden floor, you could consider investing in underfloor heating to warm things up a little, so you can have both style and comfort in your home.

Replace your windows

Period homes tend to have attractive yet inefficient windows. Window technology has not always been as advanced as it is now, with energy-saving innovations such as double-glazing being relatively recent developments. Modern windows are also much more secure than older windows, as they employ a highly effective combination of glass that is difficult to smash with extremely secure locking mechanisms. However, many period homeowners are understandably reluctant to upgrade their windows, as they fear modern windows may not fit their home’s traditional aesthetic. However, many window manufacturers offer timber windows which can fit into the style of a period home without compromising on security or energy efficiency. It’s definitely worth replacing any old windows in your period home with some new windows that combine modern technology with authentic, traditional style.

Upcycle old furniture

Upcycling furniture is the process of either restoring or completely transforming old furniture. This is particularly important in a period home, which is likely to have many beautiful but weary-looking pieces. Many online tutorials can show you exactly how to tackle different upcycling projects, such as sanding down and repainting an old dresser, or restoring some tired looking curtains. Upcycling is a great way to preserve the heritage of your home while adding a modern and personal touch. Don’t be afraid to make bold choices and leave your own mark. Renovating your period property and its furniture should be about striking a balance between old and new, and between history and your own story. Upcycling is the perfect way to marry both of these aspects of your renovation!



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