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10 Things to Do on a Moving day


You can spend a lot of time preparing for your moving day, but many things can still go wrong on your moving day. Proper preparation can give you peace of mind and save you time and money. That is why you need to find the right moving company a few weeks before your moving day. Do not wait until it is too late because you might never find the right mover.

The best moving companies are in high demand. Many people book them several days before they move, and you will miss them if you delay in booking one. Do proper research and book a reliable and trustworthy moving company a few weeks before your moving day. Professional movers can save you time and money because they do most of the work on a moving day. 

Here are some of the things to do on your moving day:


1. Wake Up Early

Wake up early on your moving day. You have to do several things, so you do not want to rush to do some of these things. Waking up early can help you reduce the stress of moving out of state. How? You will have enough time to pack some of your personal items and talk with your movers. As your mover pack your belongings, you can use that time to get your children and pets ready for the move.


2. Pack Some of Your Items

You might want to transport some of your essential documents and papers in your car, if you are moving out of state. It is risky to leave them with the mover, so put these documents in your car. Therefore, go through your belongings before your mover arrives. Pack the items that you want to stay with you in separate boxes. Then, load the boxes into your car. Also, remember to take photos of the other belongings that your mover will pack.


3. Charge Your Electronics

You might not have enough time to charge your electronics on your moving day. Charge them during the night. You should wake up to a fully charged phone. You need your electronics, such as your phone, on your moving day. You will use your phone to communicate with movers and your family and can use these electronics to track your mover. You will check your phone to know the location of your mover.


4. Welcome Your Movers

You will have to meet and welcome your movers to your house or apartment. Show your mover the items that you want to move. If you are moving out of state or long distance ensure that you tell your mover to label the boxes as they pack your belongings clearly. Do not leave your movers alone because they might need something in your house, like using the bathroom. So, be there to show or give them what they may need. You would enjoy talking with your movers if you had chosen the best mover.


5. Final Inspection

Once your mover packs and loads your belongings onto their moving truck, you can do a final inspection of your house. It is easy to forget some items, especially if you are in a rush. Do a final inspection to ensure you have packed everything. You might also notice the house needs a deep cleaning. Do not leave your old house looking dirty. You can clean the house yourself or hire a professional cleaning company to clean it.


6. Clean Your Home

It is essential to decide whether you will do the cleaning yourself or hire a professional cleaning service a few days before your moving day. It takes time and lots of effort to deep clean a house, so you might not have enough time to clean the house on a moving day.

You will have to hire a good cleaning service. A cleaning company will send a team of cleaners to deep clean the house. They will take a short time to clean your home because you do not have time to waste on your moving day. 


7. Check for Damages

It is possible to lose a part of the security deposit if there broken doorframes, chipped stairs, dings in the walls, and other damages in your old house. You will notice all these damages once you pack and remove your belongings from your home. You may not have enough time to do the necessary repairs, so take note of the damages before securing your house; if you can find professionals to do the required repairs on your moving day, the better.


8. Go to Your New Place

It would be best if you were in your new place when your mover arrives. Get in touch with your mover to know how long it will take to reach your new home. Professional movers usually use big trucks, so they can take some time to reach your new location. You will have enough time to drive to your new home. Check your belongings as your mover unloads them from the moving truck.


9. Tip Your Mover

It is optional to tip a mover, but you should consider tipping your mover. It takes time and lots of effort to pack everything. Your mover will not only do almost all the work. Your mover will also reduce the stress of moving. The team of your mover will lift and put together your heavy furniture. Give them a bottle of water in your new place and give them a good tip.


10. Unpack and Inspect Your Items

Do not let your mover leave immediately. Check the condition of your belongings. Take the packing boxes to their right rooms and unpack them. Professional movers have insurance that covers damages and lost items. Therefore, you need to ensure there is nothing lost or damaged. Write down the list of your belongings before moving, or you can take their photos. Then, go through that list or your pictures once the mover delivers your items. Make sure all of your belongings are there.


These are the things to do on a moving day. Doing these things can make moving stress-free. Hiring professional movers saves time, gives you peace of mind, protects your belongings, and protects you from injuries. Therefore, hire an experienced, reputable, and trustworthy mover to help you move on your moving day.


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