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What To Do Ahead of Storm Season

Heading towards winter can be a great time for many of us: cozy nights by the fire, looking out over snowy wonderlands, and having comforting food at mealtimes. Having said that, the cooler months come with a few drawbacks - not only do you have to face the prospect of cold, wet and windy weather for the next few months, but there’s a very real risk of storms to contend with.

Most of us will get away with no or very few tasks to add to our to-do lists once a particularly torrid storm has come through our towns and cities, but some of us won’t be that lucky - and some of that could be avoidable. So, if you want to have a worry-free winter, have a look at some tips on what to do before the full force of the winter storm season starts.

Maintain your property

Have a look around the outside of your home and see if there are any tasks you should carry out ahead of the storm season. You should include jobs such as clearing rain gutters and repairing any roof leaks you may have. Repair any steps and handrails you may have as well - this will prevent anyone from having a slip or fall caused by snow and ice covering your front porch.

You can also insulate your property – areas like your walls and attics - plus caulking (sealing) and weather-stripping windows and doors. Also think about wrapping your pipes with insulation or newspapers. Keep water dripping in cold weather, too, as this will help to prevent pipes from freezing.

Check your heating

If you’ve insulated your home, then your fuel supply will last longer. There are other things that you should consider as well, such as having any boilers, furnaces and chimneys on your property inspected and cleaned every year. If you have any fuel-burning equipment, it should be kept clear and vented to the outside of your property.

Prune your trees

It’s not unusual for tree branches, or whole trees themselves, to fall during bad weather - so to reduce this risk, it’s worth maintaining your trees correctly. When trees are exposed to strong winds, it’ll be the weak branches that will break off first: that means you should get rid of dead, old or diseased limbs before any storms occur. Also, thin out any trees with crowded branches as well; the wind will then pass through and around pruned trees, instead of putting continuous pressure on them during a storm.

However, you might not be able to prevent some harm to your trees because of a storm. If there’s substantial damage, then you might have to get an expert in that specializes in tree storm clean up in Longwood. These companies will be able to clean up your lawn once a storm has passed, and you will have your property looking great again in next to no time.

Clear your outside space

Make sure you place items such as garbage bins, gardening tools and outdoor toys in a safe, enclosed space. This will help you to eliminate any items that could become a projectile to your home during a storm. Anything that’s left in your garden, for instance, could become airborne during a storm and fly into your roof or windows.


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