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The Best Steps to Increase Your Employability in Nursing

Do you have an enthusiasm for nursing or want to make a difference in your local community but are having trouble finding employment? If nursing is your passion, but you are struggling to take the steps needed to further your employment opportunities, this guide will detail the best ways that you can establish a rewarding career in nursing.

1. Take a Masters

Nursing is a complex career and subject, and most roles in the nursing sector need employees with a solid grounding in both basic and more honed skills, with an understanding of subjects such as science. However, even if you have a degree, this may not secure you a position, so you should consider additional methods to help you stand out from the crowd. Taking a faith based MSN program, for example, can make your resume look more appealing to employers due to the well-rounded nature of the course, which can also help to increase your soft skills and cement your position in a wide professional network.

2. Consider Going Global

If you want to find a unique experience to put on your resume, why not consider applying for the international nursing posts which are currently in high demand? Nursing in a foreign country will help you to develop your abilities, such as your understanding of nursing as a wider issue and the opportunity to learn a new language. Not only this, but it can boost the appearance of your resume by showing that you have a number of soft skills, such as being determined, independent and resilient.

3. Get References

Nursing employers are more likely to employ you if you can show that you have a good record, that you work well and efficiently, and that you have the experience necessary to cope with the demands of their new role. To ensure you can prove this, the best action will be to get references to demonstrate to potential employers that you are reliable and trustworthy. The most effective way to get good references is to go on work experience or volunteer with a company.

4. Find Experience

The next step that is especially vital for nurses is to find the appropriate level of experience. Work experience and placements can be found in a number of nursing roles, such as in hospitals or general practices. Although longer placements for a month or longer are more advantageous, any experience can help to enhance your job opportunities. You should also look into opportunities such as volunteering or shadowing, as this will allow you to get the first-hand experience of real-world job roles. You may also be able to build up connections with the professionals that you meet in order to find potential employers.

5. Improve Your Soft Skills

Lastly, your soft skills can be just as important to employers as your academic talents, and you should work on improving your weaknesses in these skills. Whether you decide to take up a hobby, have a secondary interest, or take an extracurricular class, all of these options will allow you to develop the skills which you may be missing.


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