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Holiday Crafts to Get You In The Festive Mood

Who doesn’t love a bit of crafting in the run-up to the holiday season? Whether you want to make your own Christmas decorations, create thoughtful and unique gifts for your family and friends, or knit yourself some festive wear to keep you warm for the long, cold nights ahead; these 4 holiday creations will satisfy your craft cravings.

A Happy Holiday Wreath

What better way to create a festive and welcoming entrance to your home than with a DIY holiday wreath, and there are so many different designs to choose from! If you want to create a Frozen-esque atmosphere, then why not create a natural frost wreath using sticks, pinecones and other natural materials, and then spray your creation with white or silver spray paint. Always try to ensure that you cover any surfaces before using spray paint. However, if you do have an accident, call this carpet cleaning London company who will come to your rescue in no time. Alternatively, if you prefer something with a bit more bling, make a wreath out of as many different colored tree baubles as you can find.

A Festive Fleece Blanket

If you are a fan of vintage, then this is the holiday craft for you. A cozy and festive throw is the ideal creation for the winter months, either as a special gift or simply to keep you warm when the cold weather sets in. All you need is some Deluxe fleece (around 2 yards for a large blanket), and around 7.5 yards of your chosen trim – pom poms are a great option for Christmas.
Oh, and the ability to do a basic straight stitch.

Christmas Coasters

This is a great craft for a beginner, as little skill is needed, plus it has the added bonus of being super thrifty. All you need is 4 x 4-inch square ceramic tiles, 4 old greeting cards, a sheet of felt, Mod podge, Minwax Polycrylic, and some hot glue.  
To make, simply;
·         Cut each card into a 4 x 4-inch square
·         Apply mod podge to each tile and stick down the card
·         Leave to dry for 4 hours
·         Coat each coaster with Minwax Polycrylic to make your creation waterproof
·         Leave to dry
·         Cut four pieces of felt and glue to the bottom of your tiles to avoid marks on your table

No-Sew Holiday Pillows

If you want your home to scream Christmas, but aren’t too fond of sewing, then this DIY project is perfect for you. Of course, you can pick whatever material you like, but plaid is a great option for creating a comfy Christmas atmosphere in your home.

·         Firstly, you will need some plaid material; you could use napkins if you have any going spare and a plain white or cream cushion.

·         You will then need a stencil and some fabric paint to emblazon a festive word or phrase onto your plaid; jingle bells or joy are both good options.

·         Finally, you simply need to hot glue your plaid material onto your cushion, and job done.

You can also cover a few other cushions in plain red material to complement your plaid one and really add a festive touch to the living room.


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