Friday, November 8, 2019

Top Tips for a Spotless Home

A spotless home seems near impossible if you have a growing family or if you simply despise cleaning, but you can adapt your lifestyle and habits to have a cleaner and healthier home. Cleaning is a part of life that most people do simply because they have to, and as a result of this, the job doesn’t get done quite as well as it should. When you are constantly thinking about what you will do after you’ve finished cleaning, instead of the task at hand, it’s easy to get distracted and miss crucial things.

If you want to change your habits and make your cleaning as efficient as possible, then just follow this guide!

1.   Don’t Forget the Little Things

Bigger tasks like wiping down kitchen counters and rinsing the bathtub often take precedent when cleaning, but the little things are just as important. For example, remember to regularly clean the inside of the microwave. The combination microwave with mirrored glass door is notorious for harboring dirt that you simply forget about as soon as you close the microwave door.

2.   Dust Weekly

If you constantly find yourself sneezing and wondering if you have an allergy to something in your home, it is probably due to dust that hasn’t been cleaned away. Dust can get everywhere, especially where you don’t see it. Dust ornaments on fireplaces, windowsills, even books on bookshelves. Remember to peer over the top of higher shelves to see if they need dusting, as well.

3.   Take Care of the Carpet

Carpets get trampled on every day. Encourage your family and guests to take off their shoes before they go into rooms with carpet, to help reduce the damage and dirt it takes on. Every so often, you should invest in a carpet cleaning service to keep your carpet in peak condition. After a time, carpets lose their softness, but you can get it back with efficient cleaning!

4.   Declutter

Cleaning is made even more difficult if there is clutter obstructing your way. Before you start cleaning, make sure to declutter first so that you can actually get to everything in the room. If you clean around clutter, there will no doubt be multiple spots that you miss, and this isn’t an efficient way to clean.

5.   Use Clean Cloths and Wipes

This may seem like an obvious tip, but many people forget to clean their cleaning equipment. If you clean a mirror with an unwashed cloth, it will simply smear more dirt across the mirror, and it won’t achieve anything. After every cleaning session, make sure to put your cloths in the washing machine so they are clean to use every time.

To make cleaning work for you and your home, you should draw up a schedule and choose methods and techniques that work best for you. Cleaning an entire home can be intimidating if you don’t approach it with a plan of action and know-how.  Introduce these tips into your cleaning routine, and your home will always be in tip-top condition!


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