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The Sleuth's Conundrum Blog Blitz + Giveaway

The Sleuth's Conundrum JustRead Blog Blitz

Welcome to the Blog Blitz and Giveaway for The Sleuth's Conundrum by Kimberly Rose Johnson, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!

The Sleuth's Conundrum 
Title: The Sleuth's Conundrum
Series: The Librarian Sleuth #3  
Author: Kimberly Rose Johnson
Publisher: Mountain Brook Ink  
Genre: Cozy Mystery  
Release Date: November 1, 2019  

Adam and Tara are sucked into a police investigation that might get Tara killed. Can Adam keep her safe or will he lose her forever?

Tara James, the local librarian assistant, is afraid her past will catch up to her when an infant is abandoned outside the Tipton County Library. Will news of the abandoned baby stir up publicity and force her to go on the run again?

Librarian Nancy Daley’s world has become complicated. Carter is pushing to set a wedding date, a woman was left for dead on the side of the road, and Tara, her assistant, is acting strange. Nancy is working every angle she can think of, but the case goes from bad to bizarre. Can she find the baby’s mother, help Tara, and plan her wedding without upsetting her life’s delicate balance?

Slow news days become a thing of the past for local reporter Adam Stacy when a dead body is discovered on the side of the road. Was the woman murdered or was it an accident? Adam’s feelings are growing for Tara, but she appears to have secrets she’s hiding. Is she somehow connected to the abandoned infant?

When things go from bad to worse Adam does everything in his power to protect Tara, but will it be enough?  

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Kimberly Rose Johnson

Award winning author Kimberly Rose Johnson married her college sweetheart and lives in the Pacific Northwest. From a young child Kimberly has been an avid reader. That love of reading fostered a creative mind and led to her passion for writing. She especially loves romance and writes contemporary romance that warms the heart and feeds the soul. Kimberly holds a degree in Behavioral Science from Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington, and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. You can sign up for Kimberly's newsletter via her website at:  

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Tara James waved to one of the sheriff deputies as he stopped his car for her to cross. She raced across the street as the dark clouds overhead released a deluge of water—fitting, considering how her morning had started. Rain dripped from her raincoat hood onto her face. Why today of all days did her car have to die? At least it wasn’t foggy here like it had been at her house.

Lightening flashed. She yelped and dashed under the cover of the library awning.

A soft cry caught her attention. She looked to her right and then left and gasped. “What are you doing there all alone?” A tiny baby lay wrapped in a pink blanket, cradled in a baby carrier.
She checked to see if anyone was nearby. Who would leave a newborn outside and all alone, especially in a storm like this? No one walked or loitered nearby. Tara frowned and grasped the handle of the baby carrier tucked behind a large flowerpot. She grunted at the weight. “My you’re a heavy little girl for being so small,” Tara cooed as she reached for the diaper bag sitting behind it. “Hello, precious. We need to get you inside where it’s warm and dry.”

Why weren’t the doors opening? She stood in the trigger zone. “Wait a minute.” The entire library was blanketed in darkness—the power must be out. Surely Nancy was inside though. She reached for the little-used door to the right of the sliding door and tugged. It didn’t budge. The infant’s cries increased in intensity. “Shh, little one.” Now what should she do? She never remembered to carry an umbrella, and the baby would get soaked if they left the cover of the awning.

The doors suddenly slid open, and the lights turned on. “It’s your lucky day,” Tara said. The irony of her comment was not lost on her.

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  1. Thanks for sharing an excerpt. It's nice to see the author's writing style when it's a new-to-me author.

  2. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I do like a good mystery/suspense book. This one sounds interesting, especially since the main character is a Librarian. I need to add the entire series to my TBR. Thank you


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