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Fragments of Fear Blog Tour + Review

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.


Welcome to the Blog Tour for Fragments of Fear by Carrie Stuart Parks, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!

Title: Fragments of Fear 
Author: Carrie Stuart Parks  
Publisher: Thomas Nelson 
Release Date: July 23, 2019  
Genre: Inspirational Suspense/Thriller

Stolen art. A New Mexico archaeological dig. An abandoned dog. And a secret that’s worth killing for.

Evelyn McTavish’s world came crashing down with the suicide of her fiancé. As she struggles to put her life back together and make a living from her art, she receives a call that her dog is about to be destroyed at the pound. Except she doesn’t own a dog. The shelter is adamant that the microchip embedded in the canine with her name and address makes it hers.

Evelyn recognizes the dog as one owned by archaeologist John Coyote because she was commissioned to draw the two of them. The simple solution is to return the dog to his owner—but she arrives only to discover John’s murdered body.

As Evelyn herself becomes a target, she crosses paths with undercover FBI agent Sawyer Price. The more he gets to know her, the more personally invested he becomes in keeping her safe. Together, they’re desperate to find the links between so many disparate pieces.

And the clock is ticking.  

“Over the years, Carrie has mastered forensic art, fine art, and her own brand of offbeat humor. As a novelist she combines these skills with another: puzzle writing––scattering puzzle pieces all over her fictional universe and then dropping them into place in twists, surprises, revelations, and side-pocket whimsy until the big picture emerges, never too soon, always on the brink of disaster.” —Frank Peretti


Carrie Stuart Parks is a Christy finalist as well as a Carol Award–winning author. She has won numerous awards for her fine art as well. An internationally known forensic artist, she travels with her husband, Rick, across the US and Canada teaching courses in forensic art to law-enforcement professionals. The author/illustrator of numerous books on drawing and painting, Carrie continues to create dramatic watercolors from her studio in the mountains of Idaho.  

CONNECT WITH CARRIE: Website | Facebook | Twitter  

When I pick up a mystery or suspense book, I look forward to the mystery... of wondering who did it and how it all went down. From the very start, this book certainly had that going for it! The action started right from the first chapter and didn't stop until the very end. In the beginning though, it really had me as the reader questioning what was really going on. We 'see' what our main character Tavish sees, of course... but as the evidence disappears and given her already fragile mental state... you can't help but wonder... is this REALLY going on? Is it all in her head as the police believe? How does it all go together? That air of mystery kept me turning the pages to find out the truth. Nothing is quite what it seems, as information is slowly revealed- a fragment at a time- throughout the story. And I couldn't get enough!

There is just a hint of romance in this one, which I believe fans of the romantic suspense genre can appreciate... but the mystery is really the primary focus here. As a Christian novel, of course there is some mention of God, but likewise, it's not in your face about it. As a Christian reader, I appreciated seeing that aspect of faith... but I believe that non-Christians could still enjoy this as a good, clean read without feeling as though they are being preached to as well.

This is the first book that I had personally read from Carrie Stuart Parks. From my understanding based on thoughts from other reviewers, it seems as though this one might be rather different than her previous works that tend to deal more in forensics. Again, having not read anything else from her in the past, I cannot compare but I can say I really enjoyed the style of her writing and look forward to checking out more from her in the future.

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  1. Very intriguing cover. Looks like a great read! I read your review and gosh just wanted to read more! My teens would like it too!


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