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How to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Every room in a home has its own purpose, but some have more traffic than others. One that you’re likely to use often is the bathroom. Whether it’s a guest toilet or a personal one, you want it to be inviting and comfortable to use. If your bathroom has had the same design for some time not, it may be time to redesign it. It could also be the case if you’re having a string of problems that need to be fixed. Keep reading to find tips on how you can upgrade your bathroom.

Change the Theme

In order to upgrade your bathroom, you may need to start by changing your existing design or theme. Try doing something on the opposite side of the spectrum to give your bathroom a whole new feel. If you want your bathroom to have an outdoor and nature theme, try a statement palm-themed wallpaper by Florence Broadhurst.

For something more minimalist, a sanctuary farmhouse design which consists of clean lines and simple geometries would be beautiful. For those looking for an unconventional bathroom decorating idea, hanging a row of plants in a sunlit bathroom could do the trick.
2.   Change Your Cabinets

No matter how small your bathroom is, you’re likely to have cabinets. It could be at the top or bottom and where you store toiletries amongst other items. Changing your cabinet doors could make a significant difference when it comes to upgrading that space.

Think about what your new theme is and choose cabinet doors that compliment that theme. If you browse through cabinetdoorsnmore.com, you should find a range of cabinet doors you can choose from.
3.   Anchor a Towel Bar

Have you ever used a bathroom, washed your hands, and then had nothing to dry them with? For the sake of convenience, add an anchor towel bar to your bathroom if you don’t have one. Doing so will ensure that after you or guests finish washing your hands, you have a towel to dry them with. If you’ve already got one, look for a new and affordable replacement. You can also create one for the towels you shower with. Be sure it’s durable enough to handle the weight of a damp towel, however.
4.   Improve the Tile Around Your Tub

The tile around your tub or shower can make a big difference in the look of your bathroom. Some things they could do include helping with water-resistance, stain-resistance, or give you a blast of color. It’s also pretty easy to DIY tile around your tub, so you don’t have to hire a professional to do it. When choosing tiling, consider the color scheme you’ve chosen for your bathroom and the size of the tile. Apparently, the bigger the tile, the larger it makes the space feel.
5.   Replace Your Faucet

Getting yourself a new faucet could be another great upgrade idea. This is especially true if your faucet is old, outdated, and crusting on the sides. Look for a new and modern faucet you can use to upgrade your sink area or bathtub. It’s another fairly easy DIY project that won’t take too long to do.


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