Thursday, August 1, 2019

Home Air Conditioning Problems, Solutions and Prevention Tips

Air conditioning problems usually come at the worst time and so, knowing the common issues and how to solve them will help in case of a breakdown on a hot summer’s day. By taking proper care of your system, you can prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. Here we take a look at some of the common air conditioning problems within the home and how to solve them.

Frozen Coils

The coils within your system are the pieces responsible for getting rid of the heat in the air. They work like a sponge filled with refrigerant. For them to stay cold but not frozen, they need a supply of hot air. If something happens to the airflow within the system, these coils can freeze. If this is the case, you may find warm or no air coming from your system.

Turn off your system right away if you believe this to be the case and try to melt the ice with a blow dryer. Don’t forget to use a wet vac to get rid of the excess water this will cause. Whatever you do, don’t touch the coils as you could break them. To prevent this from happening you should regularly replace air filters. Dirty air filters are one of the main reasons for flow problems which will lead to frozen coils.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is used to keep your air conditioning system working effectively. If a leak occurs, the refrigerant will leave the system and cause it to stop working. Unfortunately, it may not be as simple as filling up the refrigerant again.

If this happens to your system, it could cost a lot to fix and can take a long time. It may be worth investing in a new heating and cooling system such as a HVAC system if you do not have one already. By searching "HVAC companies near me" you can find lists of local specialists who can help you fit a new HVAC system ready for summer.

Thermostat Issues

If you have an old air conditioning system, your thermostat could be stopping it from working properly. An incorrectly calibrated thermostat will provide your air conditioning with incorrect instructions. You can quite simply replace your thermostat to prevent this from happening. You may also be able to recalibrate the thermostat.

A newer system usually comes with a programmable thermostat, it is best to check the manual to see how to do so properly. The newer thermostats are great for saving energy and much more precise. Even better still, most of these can be controlled from your tablet or smartphone making it easier than ever to be in control of your home.

Fan Issue

The fan within your air conditioning system will blow the air over the evaporator in order to keep it the air cool. There is also another fan that blows the hot air outside. If one of these fans fails to work, the system will fail to work effectively.

There are many reasons for this, some being minor and some requiring a technician. The fan runs on a motor and if these stops working, so will the fan. This can be replaced from home if you have the confidence and know-how to do so. To help keep your fan in tip top condition, regularly clean any debris from around the fan. If your fan becomes full of dirt and leaves, it will not be able to work properly.


The best way to prevent any issues with your air conditioning system is to regularly maintain your system. This means cleaning the system regularly as well as keeping the outside area clean too. You should regularly replace filters and if you are having an issue with your system that you cannot figure out yourself, find an expert who can solve the issue for you.

The worst thing you could do is try to fix something when you don’t know how to, as you could end up making it worse or hurting yourself. If you are going to take a look at what the problem is, be sure to turn off the power on the outdoor unit or on the main panel within your home.

Air conditioning problems can occur at any time so being aware of some of the common problems can aid in locating and fixing the issue sooner. Always look after your system to make sure these problems do not occur and if they do, fix what you can yourself or get in an expert to help.


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