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The Best Way to Get Authentic Designer Brand Clothing and Accessories

Everyone may be obsessed with the most popular designer brands, but not all are able to get them. First, there is the question of price, which can leave designer fashions out of most people’s budget. Next, luxury designers are often duplicated, knocked off, and downright copied. You have to have a keen eye in order to spot the key details to authenticate a real Gucci belt or Kate Spade purse. Prior to going on your next shopping trip, learn all of the best ways to get authentic designer clothes and accessories.

Study Each Designer Brand

Each designer brand has their own style and signature trademark, as well as tiny details they include in each of their products. With the Hermes handbag, there are locks, stamps, and even serial numbers tucked away in innocuous places. Louis Vuitton is well known for oxidizing the handles of their handbags. If you know how a particular piece of clothing is supposed to look, there is no chance of you picking up a knock-off. Know what each piece should look like and shop at retailers that have a great reputation for putting out the freshest fashion styles from luxury brands.

Shop Only at Trusted Retailers

When it comes to luxury, consumers know that a deal is not always as great as it seems. Whether you love vintage luxury brands or only want to purchase items that are trendy, you should have a very small list of trusted retailers. At SSENSE, for example, shoppers know that they are getting the hottest luxury fashions at great prices. This retailer offers a great selection of accessories and clothes from well-known fashion houses, maintains an up to date website, and sends each order off promptly.

Know Which Designers You Are Seeking Out

It is way easier to purchase genuine authentic designer accessories and clothes when you know what you are planning to add to your wardrobe. For example, if you love Gucci sneakers and want to buy a couple of pairs of your own, know which trademark features they carry. You won’t be fooled by imitators, which will make the shopping experience so much more pleasant. Luxury designer fans have very selective tastes, so even if you happen to see something that catches your eye while on a shopping trip, you know how to scrutinize fashions carefully. Who knows, you might even discover a new designer the very next time you go to pick up something new.
High quality clothes and accessories made by luxury designers looks great, but the added bonus is that they maintain value. You can sell an authentic Gucci purse years after purchase and get a decent amount of money back. This is a fact that luxury designer fans love because it means that they can keep their wardrobes fresh and up to date. So, if you are going to invest in well-known luxury brands, make sure everything that you purchase is 100 percent genuinely authentic.


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