Monday, July 29, 2019

How to Plan Your Dream Family Holiday On a Budget

Planning a dream family holiday doesn’t need to be an issue because of money. There are plenty of ways you can still make your holiday a reality without going broke or ending up with debt piling up on your credit cards. With a lot of planning and searching for the best deals, you can still have your dream holiday - here’s how.

Get Rid of Your Debts

First things first, before you begin saving and planning a family holiday, you should have no debt tied to you. Having debt means paying money back constantly, and the longer you leave this accruing, the more you will have to pay back. Whilst this may mean taking a few months out of your planning to get your money in order, having no debts means you can budget specifically for your holiday and not have to worry about the fact you still have money to pay to other companies. If your credit cards are dragging you down, it may be worth taking out a loan to pay off your cards as this often comes with less interest. You can even apply online with some loan companies and the process is relatively simple. As BingoLoans notes, you just need to provide a bank statement and picture ID to authorise your application.

Make a Budget

Once you have your money in order, it is time to begin making a budget. First you should choose a few destinations in which you would like to go, as then you have more choice over the best deals and cheapest holiday packages. Once you have your destinations in mind, it is time to begin researching and getting prices for everything from flights to accommodation to any visa costs you may have to pay. Write down the cost of everything so you can see how much in total you need to save up over the coming months to make it a reality. If you are struggling with this budget, then it’s time to cut back on things that aren’t essential.

Find the Best Deals

Using a holiday comparison site can help you find a package holiday that is the best value for money. There are many holiday price comparison sites to choose from so you may want to stick to one or try a couple. It is worth searching around on different sites as you may find a great deal this way. Sometimes it can be cheaper to purchase flights and accommodation separately - this all depends on the holiday destination. If you are going as a family, an all-inclusive deal is the best option for the kids, as there are usually lots of activities for them around the pool in the daytime. For more information on finding a good deal on your holiday check out this great article by the Mirror.
Your dream holiday can be a reality for your family if you budget accordingly and find the best deals. Whilst it may take a little longer than planned to save up, cutting back on spending in the areas that aren’t important can help you get there that little bit faster.


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