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Top 3 Considerations When Choosing the Right Backpack {+ a Backpacks.com Coupon Code}

**This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Backpacks.com. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Let's talk backpacks.

I know, I know... aren't we a bit late in the year to be talking about backpacks with schools letting out left and right for summer? Or perhaps we're too early thinking about the big back to school shop?

But then if we think about it... isn't this the best time to start thinking about it? If we space out our back to school needs throughout the summer, we aren't looking at one huge expense right before school, and that can make the whole process much less stressful. While it might be wise to wait for some of those basic supplies that will go on sale for nearly nothing come fall (notebooks, crayons, etc.), now is a great time to start backpack shopping anyway!

Which leads us to the question of the day: what do we look for in a great backpack?

Over the last several years of buying many backpacks, we've found three primary aspects that we consider when shopping for backpacks. Today, I'm sharing those with you:

How big should the bag be? What will they be carrying home?

Size is everything when it comes to backpacks... in more ways then one. First of all, we must consider our child's size. We want to a backpack to be comfortable for them to carry--- not too big and not too small. Still, it also needs to be able to hold everything they will need to carry in it. So, this is the first thing to consider: what exactly will they need to carry? How many books, notebooks, etc? Oftentimes, older kids (and yes even some elementary age kids) will have laptops that they can or will have to bring home as well. If this applies to your child, that needs to be taken into consideration too. Is their backpack big enough to accommodate their laptop? Is there a built in space for said laptop to add extra protection?

How is the quality and comfort?

Like I said, we've bought MANY backpacks over the years and one thing that has been abundantly clear is that quality matters. Sure, kids might enjoy a fun backpack with their favorite characters, or we might assume the cheapest backpack will do...and while they may work just fine for some, they haven't in our experience. You see, my son is hard on backpacks. He's a reader, and while he doesn't bring home homework or textbooks, he is known to have a good 5-7 books in his backpack at any given time. I was the same way as a kid myself. This is hard on backpacks. I remember one year he went through 3-4 fun/cheap backpacks throughout the year.... which meant that we spent more replacing them than what we would have spent had we just spent more upfront for a better quality bag. That's what we did the next year, and not only did it last through the whole year, it lasted through the whole next year too! As I said, quality pays off!

Quality backpacks also tend to be more comfortable for the wearer as well- thicker cushioning on the straps, better weight distribution, etc. This is also very important for those who tend to carry a lot!

How's the style/color selection?

While the style may not be the #1 factor to consider, we do still want something that our kids will enjoy, right? At my children's schools, they have a uniform dress code- which greatly limits how they can show off their personal style. But at their schools, there are no *style* restrictions on backpacks so this is their chance to show it off. For my son, that just means a great color combination that he loves- a basic choice that will never lose style (and that he can add his own touches too, if desired- pins, keychains, etc).

Regardless of your personal backpack needs- be it for school, work or just summer adventures- Backpacks.com has a wide variety of styles and brands to best fit your needs. I was recently given the chance to try out one of their backpacks for my son, the North Face Vault Backpack in Shady Blue/Gingerbread Orange.

This fantastic backpack fit all of our backpack qualifications. The size was just right for his size and his needs- plenty of room for books and a place for a laptop should he need it as he continues through middle school. As can be expected with North Face products, the quality is excellent and I have no doubts that this will last him through the next few years no problem. The shoulder straps are very comfortable for him, and the sternum strap gives some extra comfort too. While my son is excited to use this backpack through middle school, it would be equally great for high school, college or travel too.

And this is just one of the many great backpack options available through Backpacks.com. And right now you can take an extra 5% off their already great sale prices with the coupon code RANDIKAYE. Head over to Backpacks.com and shop this deal today! 


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