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How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Type

The summertime is coming, and you’ve probably already started thinking about your summer wardrobe. But one of the most difficult buys during this season is a swimsuit. Everyone has a different body, and a swimsuit that was made with size 4 models in mind may not look good on you. It doesn’t matter how stylish it is or how beautiful the pattern is if it is not right for your body type. Most women have one of the following body types: pear, oval, inverted triangle, top hourglass, the classic hourglass figure, or straight. Here’s how to find the perfect swimsuit for your body type.

Identify Your Body Type

Before you can start looking for the best swimsuit for you, you have to identify which type of body you have. If your hips and bust are of the same dimensions and the waist is well defined, then you have what is referred to as an hourglass figure. If on the other hand, you have a well-defined waist with a larger bust, then you have what is called a reversed hourglass figure.

People with straight body types have hips and a bust of the same size while the waist is hardly narrower. The pear body type has wider hips than the bust, and the waist typically slopes out to the hips. The inverted triangle is seen in women with a large bust, wide shoulders and narrow hips, but a waist that isn’t as defined. People with an oval body type have a large bust, larger waist, and hips that are relatively narrow.

Identify Swimsuits That Fit Your Body Type

If you have an hourglass figure, consider yourself in luck, since almost any style of swimsuit is likely to look good on you. If you have more curves, you could wear an underwire bra. One-piece swimsuits with cutouts look particularly good on people with hourglass figures.

If you have a top hourglass figure, you can comfortably wear a two-piece swimsuit. Just make sure you have adequate support such as a double-strap top. Don’t hide your waist; instead, wear a brightly colored bottom, or one with ruffles to draw attention from your bust.

Women with straight bodies need to create the illusion of curves. However, this is pretty easy if you know how to pick the right bathing suit. For instance, you could go with a 2-piece swimsuit with ruffles on the chest that will make your chest area look bigger. You can also find tops with articulated or padded cups that can do this for you. If you want to add more dimension to the bottom part, go for a bottom that is ruched or ruffled. A one-piece swimsuit with a cutout can also work wonders to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

On a pear-shaped body, you have to take care not to look bottom heavy. If you have this body type, you need to find something that will make the hips look smaller and give the appearance of an ample bosom. In this case, a high waisted bottom can help. A two-piece swimsuit with ruffles on top or padded cups is a good choice as well. Vertical stripes will work great if you’re feeling unsure about your middle section. There are patterns that can also make it look like you have an hourglass figure.

If you have a triangular figure, your ideal swimsuit minimizes your bust and highlights your hips and waist. In this case, go for a high waisted bottom. It will work wonders if you want to add dimension to your hip section. You can then go for a slimming bandeau top to minimize a top-heavy appearance. A ruched one piece will also do the trick in this case.

When you have an oval figure, the only option is minimizing the size of your waist. You can do this by having belts, patterns that mimic a better silhouette, or an asymmetrical waistline. Maximize details on the top of your swimsuit. A belt that drapes down to one side creates the appearance of an hourglass figure, too.

Narrow the Selection Based on Details that Flatter Your Figure

Look for swimsuits with patterns or bright colors that highlight your best features, while areas you’re less comfortable with should have a single, relatively bland color. For example, wear horizontal lines on your top if you have a smaller bust, and stay away from a solid triangle top that highlights the feature when you have better ones.

Recognize how the cut of the swimsuit can help you. If you have a smaller bust, there are more options than wearing ruffles on your swimsuit bottom or hoping a push-up top will give you better curves. If you happen to have a smaller bust and need recommendations, you can read more here.

A tankini highlights a narrow waist, while a one piece hides it unless you have cutouts. A high waisted swimsuit nearly hides the waist. Boy shorts of any color make narrow hips look wide. If you want to draw attention to your bust, tie front bikini tops, triangle tops and halter-tops are ideal.

Search for Swimsuits with the Extra Help You Need

If you have a heavy bust, it is worth getting a swimsuit with extra support. If you are plus size, consider a swimsuit with built-in paneling. This will do more to slim you than just ruching or gathering alone. If you don’t have much in terms of curves, then push-up or padded tops will give you those curves, while patterning will accentuate your better areas. Another option is wearing a swim dress or sarong that draws the eyes down instead of trying to change what you actually look like.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t worry about finding the absolute perfect swimsuit. Embrace your figure, look for something you’ll feel comfortable in first, and find a swimsuit that flatters your body just as it is. And enjoy your time at the pool or beach!


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