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Affordable Family Vacation Ideas

There can be a huge pressure on families to shell out during the summer and spring breaks. Tales of fancy resorts that other families are visiting and the want to make the most of your summer vacation can be incredibly stressful if you don’t have the finances for an all-out vacation package. However, you don’t necessarily need to have an all-out vacation when you’re traveling with kids. Not only are they unlikely to remember the finer points of an expensive vacation, but childhoods are for making the most of the outdoors and exploring with friends and family.

Go camping

If there’s any time to go camping, it’s when the kids are little. You may have noticed that children are much more fearless than teenagers or adults when it comes to trying new things such as swimming in the cold ocean. Teaching the little ones how to cook on a gas stove, make friends with other children on the campsite and spot different types of wildlife are all huge benefits of going camping. It also teaches them how to make the most of what you’ve currently got, whether that means water supply, food, or entertainment. Then, of course, there’s the extra benefit of being able to sleep underneath the stars.

On top of this, national parks tend to have incredibly affordable camping and day rates. National parks are a great way to get exercise, spot local wildlife, and introduce children to their country’s most important historical and natural landmarks.

Invest in a motorhome

If camping is a little bit too out in the wild for you, then investing in a motorhome could be a brilliant alternative. These allow you to sleep under the same roof, have a much plusher quality of living and stay right next to Mother Nature. If you think you have the funds to finance a motorhome, then you can use an online budget calculator to factor in the other costs into your budget. Not only will this be more cost-effective in the long run, but it means that you may no longer have to factor in hotels and other expensive features into your vacation.

Avoid popular beaches

Not only is the beach a great cheap option for a family vacation, but opting for less popular seaside towns is a great way of saving money. Not only are their amenities likely to be less expensive, but these beaches are often just as beautiful as their more famous neighbors, but without the price tag. Less famous beaches are also likely to be less crowded and cluttered. This means more room and time for surfing, ball games, and relaxing with loved ones.

An enjoyable vacation with your family needn’t be expensive or flashy to create valuable time with your loved ones and children. Choosing places where you can enjoy plenty of activities as a family, and for less money means you will be spending quality time, rather than unnecessary amounts of money – and your children might learn a few things in the process.                                                


  1. These are all good suggestions. My boys always loved it whenever we went camping.


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