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The 49th Mystic & Rise of the Mystics {A Two Part Book Review}

The 49th Mystic:

Some say the great mystery of how one can live in two worlds at once died with Thomas Hunter many years ago. Still others that the gateway to that greater reality was and is only the stuff of dreams.

They are wrong. In the small town of Eden, Utah, a blind girl named Rachelle Matthews is about to find out just how wrong.

When a procedure meant to restore Rachelle's sight goes awry, she begins to dream of another world so real that she wonders if Earth might only be a dream experienced when she falls asleep in that reality. Who is a simple blind girl to have such strange and fantastic dreams?

She's the prophesied one who must find and recover five ancient seals--in both worlds--before powerful enemies destroy her. If Rachelle succeeds in her quest, peace will reign. If she fails, both worlds will forever be locked in darkness.

So begins a two-volume saga of high stakes and a mind-bending quest to find an ancient path that will save humanity. The clock is ticking; the end rushes forward.

Ready? Set?


Rise of the Mystics:

Rachelle Matthews, who grew up in the small town of Eden, Utah, discovered just how wrong when she dreamed and awoke in another world. There she learned that she was the 49th Mystic, the prophesied one, tasked with finding five ancient seals before powerful enemies destroy her. If Rachelle succeeds in her quest, peace will reign. If she fails, the world will forever be locked in darkness.

In The 49th Mystic, Rachelle found the first three of those five seals through great peril and mind-altering adventure. But two seals remain hidden and the fate of both worlds hangs in their balance.

As Rachelle Matthews sits deep in a dungeon, Vlad Smith is just getting started. Thomas Hunter's world is about to be turned inside out. The mystics say that there is no defense against the Fifth Seal--but finding it will cost Rachelle everything.

So begins the final volume of high stakes in one girl's quest to find an ancient path that will save humanity. The clock is ticking; the end rushes forward.

Ready? Set?


 TED DEKKER is a New York Times bestselling thriller author. Heralded as a "master of suspense" by Library Journal, Dekker has sold millions worldwide, establishing himself as one of the most widely recognized author brands.

He began his career writing fantasy novels that explored spirituality (Black, Red and White) and has since become a major force in the mainstream fiction arena with his recent thrillers, "Adam," "Thr3e," "Skin," "Obsessed," "BoneMan's Daughters," which landed in the #10 on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list in 2009, and "The Bride Collector". Dekker has been honored with a Christy Award as well as a Gold Medallion Award for Best Fiction. "Thr3e" and his novel "House" became feature films. 

Dekker was born to missionaries and grew up among cannibals of Indonesia, and his peculiar upbringing gives him a unique perspective outside the cultural bubble, allowing him the freedom to share provocative insights in his fiction. After leaving Indonesia, Dekker graduated from a multi-cultural high school and took up permanent residence in the United States, earning his B.A. in philosophy and religion, and then went into business. 

In the early nineties, Dekker decided to pursue his desire to write fiction, selling his company, moving his family to the mountains of western Colorado, and writing full-time. Two years and three books later his first novel, a supernatural thriller called Heaven's Wager, was published. Dekker proceeded to write 6 more supernatural thrillers, rising to the top of many bestsellers lists and earning himself critical acclaim and legions of fans. "Thr3e" heralded his launch into mainstream fiction and was followed by "Obsessed," "Skin," "Adam," and "BoneMan's Daughters," all of which hit the New York Times bestseller list. 

Ted Dekker's fans are comprised of readers of all ages, backgrounds, and belief systems who love his compulsively readable stories, authentic characters, and universal and relatable themes that he explores from a unique point of view. 

He resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and children. You can find him at Teddekker.com and Facebook.com/teddekker.

 The 49th Mystic:

While I have seen the name Ted Dekker many, many times, I must admit that 'The 49th Mystic' was the first of his books that I'd had the chance to read for myself. Within just the first chapter, I could see why so many liked his books--- the writing was extraordinary and as a reader you find yourself immediately brought into this curious new unknown world. Just as a good book should do. Still, sometimes even good books aren't the right reads for every person...and I have to admit this book (and the second) were like that for me. Though I could appreciate the great writing and the fantastic uniqueness of the story, it just wasn't one that grabbed me personally.

There is definitely a sci-fi element to the stories. Personally, I enjoy sci-fi but I'm both picky about it AND have to be in the right state of mind to read it. As I read 'The 49th Mystic', I just couldn't get there. Again, it's a fascinating story and beautifully written so I know that others- especially those die hard fans of the genre- are going to love it, but it just wasn't my personal preference in reads.

Rise of the Mystics:

'Rise of the Mystics' is the second book in this two part series. If you enjoyed the first book, chances are you are going to enjoy this one every bit as much as the previous--- it truly is just the conclusion of that story we already started in the first book. If you haven't yet read 'The 49th Mystic' this is one book where you will definitely want to go back and start there. While some books you can pick up later in the series and still enjoy the story, I feel like with this one you might find yourself completely lost.

Again, as a continuation of the first book it has many of the same great qualities that the previous had--- it's very well written, a great story concept and packed full of adventure and intrigue. But also like the first one, it's not going to be for everyone! That's the great thing about great books though, isn't it? We won't always like every book ourselves, but that doesn't discount that they could be favorites for someone else! While this book might not be one that I would pick up again, I know that many of my sci-fi/fantasy loving friends would go absolutely crazy for it!

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