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100 Days of Grace & Gratitude Days 64-70

Day 64: Judgment-Free Zone

An actual judgment free zone... that sounds pretty unbelievable, doesn't it? Everywhere we go it seems we are facing judgment--- on how we parent, how we look, how we vote. More than anything though, we often judge ourselves based on unattainable standards we want to live up to. Perhaps this is why it is such a difficult idea to grasp--- that God can love us wholly and completely as we are.

This page I wanted to be simple, but bold... one very clear statement: No judgement.

Day 65: This Is Not Your Home

Do you ever have to remind yourself that where you are is only temporary? Oftentimes, this is in the literal sense- a job, a town, a home that you don't like. I know this is true for me right now trying to figure out how to move away from a house that seems to be falling apart around me. But like this temporary rental, earth is not our forever home...and when things get rough, what a hope to remember.

For this page, I kept thinking of the Carrie Underwood song 'Temporary Home' and knew I wanted to journal those words. Combined with a simple but beautiful house die cut, I loved the simple style of this page.

Day 66: Got Plans?

This is a theme that has come up time and time again as I've worked through this journal. But then... it's a reminder that we all (especially us planners) need often. God's plans are better than our own. When nothing seems to be going how we hoped they would, we have to trust Him always and completely.

This page presented another great way to use a die cut from the 'Mom Life' collection from Bella Blvd. I love the beautiful colors in this collection, and they paired beautifully with gold lettering creating my favorite page of the week.

Day 67: How Will You Sleep Tonight?

Guilt is an awful thing, isn't it? It beats us down, keeps us awake and away from peace. And for so many of us, we hold onto guilt over the tiniest of infractions--- refusing to let go. Still, the Bible tells us that we are forgiven and can find peace in Him. Isn't that a beautiful thing?

As I read this title, I thought of this closed eyes sticker--- a leftover from a much older Illustrated Faith kit. I knew I wanted to use that to create a very simple, peaceful message.

Day 68: God Chose You

When we look at the big picture, we're quite small, aren't we? One person among many for a short period of time and yet, God chose us. Astounding.

For this page, I wanted bright and fun. In part because I felt that this was worth celebrating, but also because there happened to be some paint that had come over from the previous page! The bright colors certainly added some great joy to this already joyful message.

Day 69: Christ Has Set You Free

As I was reading through this devotion, one phrase really stuck out to me for some reason: "Fly, little one! Fly as God made you to!"

I loved this, and knew right away that I wanted to remember these words. Naturally, they let to a cute little bird theme and I was thrilled even to find a bird in flight! Like a bird in flight, God wants us to be free in Him. Oh what a beautiful freedom that is.

Day 70: You Are Royalty

My daughter and I had a conversation a few weeks back about just this subject. Oh how thrilled she was to learn that she was a child of God. A child of a king... and what is the daughter of a king? Well, a princess of course! Shouldn't we all be so excited at the idea of being a child of God?

There was another devotion recently that spoke of royalty and that left this princess loving lady a bit shocked and disappointed in her lack of princess related supplies. Unfortunately, this is not a problem I'd had a chance to fix before this page. Instead, I knew gold and glitter would give that luxurious look and I created a purple background using a stencil and ink--- a color known to be associated with royalty. This was another favorite from the week too!


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