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100 Days of Grace and Gratitude: Days 57-63

Day 57: Some Things Are Worth Remembering

I have the worst memory. Like seriously, the worst! Remember Dory in Finding Nemo? Yes, well... my kids compare me to her often. It's bad. Still, in all of that, I need to remember God's goodness. I need to remember the good things in life. I need to remember His blessings and His sacrifices...and that is just what this devotion reminds us.

For this page, I must admit that I initially had the idea to go with that Dory theme...after all, I love any excuse to bring a little Disney love into my journaling. Unfortunately, my drawing skills aren't as grand as my ideas, so instead I found this little Illustrated Faith elephant graphic I've had for some time. I've always heard that elephants have a great memory so I thought this would be a fun way to depict this message.

Day 58: Servant's Heart, Grateful Heart

There is something very humbling in serving others, and through that humbleness our gratitude shines through. I loved this little reminder of such.

For this page, I really wanted to again use some elements from the Jen Hadfield My Beautiful Life collection. With it's kitchen type theme, I knew it was perfect. I'd had these mini stickers from that collection I'd been looking for a way to use and this seemed the perfect fit... it's just a small decoration at the bottom of the page, leaving plenty of room for additional thoughts as well.

Day 59: What Matters Most

In the nonstop, on the go everyday of life, it can be very easy to get caught up and forget the things that matter most--- spending time with and living your life for God.

For this page, I focused on the ever popular verse--- be still. I wanted it to serve as a reminder to take those moments to just focus on nothing else. This image to me portrayed relaxation, so I knew it was absolutely perfect for this page. I kept the page otherwise very plain, again leading to that idea of simplicity and stillness.

Day 60: Royal Reservations

God has prepared a place for us in His kingdom. Let's just think about that for a moment, shall me? We see the grandeur or earthly palaces and royal events on TV, but oh how much greater must God's kingdom be!? I cannot even fathom it.

For this page, I tried out a new background technique using tissue paper and water, allowing the color to bleed through and dye the page. I loved the way this turned out. I didn't have any specifically royal elements (crowns, etc), but I found these fun diamond shapes and thought it would go perfectly with these theme of royalty!

Day 61: Holy Residence

When I think of Holy... I think of God. Pure, perfect, holy. But me? Nope, not me. But the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit resides in us... and we are therefor holy. Kind of puts things in perspective when you truly think about it, doesn't it?

As bold a statement as this is, I wanted the page to be every bit as bold as well. I again used that same tissue paper technique for the background and then some oversize gold glitter stickers to really make the message POP. I loved how this page turned out, making it my favorite for the week.

Day 62: How Do You Show Gratitude?

When someone has given you a gift you are thankful for, or done something for you and you want to show your appreciation, how do you show them? A thank you card? Flowers? Baking them a treat? These are great for these small gestures... but how can we show our gratitude for everything that God has done for us? It seems nothing can be enough... yet the Bible talks time and time again about praising God. Lifting up His name is song and in praise.

I wanted this page to reflect that. Again, using the same background technique I used a red and orange theme to really make it stand out. I found these music note stickers I've had for years and decided it was the perfect time to use them. I love how the black and white pops against the color. It's another bold page... just as our praise should be.

Day 63: Whom Do You Work For?

No matter what we do in our life--- whether it is in a job outside of the home or the work we do within, the Bible reminds us that it is to be done for the glory of God. Everything. Big or small. That's a pretty important job, don't you think?

For this page, I wanted to create a reminder of the importance of this statement, and the openness of allowing God to use us in the position that we are in. Not where we WANT to be, but right where we are. This simple page used a combination of ink,stencils and stickers to create this bright reminder.


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