Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How to Support a Loved One Running a Marathon

Running a marathon can be a challenging task. It takes a substantial amount of hard work, motivation, and sacrifice.

However, with your continual encouragement and support, you could inspire a partner, friend or family member to make their way across a finish line in record time and feel proud of their achievements.

For help doing exactly that, read the below helpful advice on how to support a loved one running a marathon.

Celebrate Their Small Victories

Unfortunately, once a runner’s initial excitement of signing up to the event subsides, they will soon be faced with the reality of daily training, which can last for many months.

While the race will require much acknowledgment and celebration, the training process often doesn’t, which is why you should try to celebrate their small victories.

For example, you could cook them a delicious, healthy meal for hitting a training goal, or you could check-in from time to time to see how they are progressing and offer words of encouragement.

Show Understanding

A runner will need to dedicate many hours of the week to training, and they’ll need plenty of rest and sleep to restore their energy levels. As a result, they might be unable to socialize during the evenings or might cancel plans at short notice due to fatigue.
Rather than being annoyed or offended, try to show some understanding of their schedule. You also might need to be flexible with your plans, as they’ll be forced to follow a strict diet and exercise routine. Instead, you could:

  • ·         Go to the cinema
  • ·         Offer to cook them a healthy meal
  • ·         Visit a theme park
  • ·         Attend a theater show

Stock Up on Race Day Supplies

Your loved one will be delighted to see you in the crowd during a race. However, you can show how much you care by stocking up on many race day supplies, which you can hand to them as they pass you by.

For example, you could hand him or her:

  • ·         Bottled water
  • ·         Orange slices
  • ·         Paper towels

You could even take a noisemaker to ensure they don’t miss you in the crowd, which will also make them feel both loved and supported.

Frame Their Marathon Medal

Prove just how proud you are of your loved one for completing a marathon by having their marathon professionally framed. Race Framers offer a variety of frame styles to suit a person’s taste and needs.

For example, you can pick a style to display their many medals or to showcase their first medal alongside a photograph from the event and their race number. It’s a thoughtful gift they’ll proudly display in their home, and it could motivate them to complete another sporting challenge.

Organize a Celebratory Dinner

Once training is over and a marathon is finished, your runner will have the freedom to eat and drink whatever they like. You can, therefore, trust he or she will appreciate a celebratory dinner, which will allow their loved ones to share in their success.

Gather their family and friends together and book a table at their favorite restaurant for an evening they’ll never forget.


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