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HomeMembership Home Warranty + Win A Google Home Mini #HomeMembership

Do you rent or own your home? If you're a homeowner, the information in this post is a must read for peace of mind when it comes to home repair! Still renting? Tuck this info away for when you do need it, or pass along to a friend! Either way, be sure to scroll on down for a chance to make whatever home you have a little smarter with a Google Home Mini! Good luck!!!


This information is brought to you by HomeMembership. All opinions are my own.
Do you own your home? Or maybe you are a realtor that has thought about adding a home warranty plan to your listings to make the house more desirable to a buyer? 

  There are many home warranty companies out there, but it will be hard to find another company like HomeMembership. They have a 5 Star review rating. Plus they offer more than just fixing your appliances when they breakdown. They also offer exclusive discounts with vendors for things you may find useful like a storage unit, moving service, or a painter.  HomeMembership also covers repairs on your AC and heating units, plumbing issues, appliances like your dishwasher and oven, and electrical issues. (Click here to see the options they have available.) 

HomeMembership will also be offering a home maintenance plan to help keep your appliances working. Did you know that it is estimated that 80% of all HVAC will break down is because it hasn’t been properly maintained. Cleaning your dryer, changing batteries in your smoke alarm and flushing out your water heater are all things that need to be done – but most people don’t know this or forget to do this. 

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your home warranty plan with HomeMembership will pay to have things repaired and that things will last longer and run more efficiently with a home maintenance plan. 

Do you have a question? Click here to send them a message. You can also check out their reviews to see what actual customer are saying about their service.  Now for the giveaway!! One lucky person is going to win a Google Home Mini. The giveaway ends on March 12, at 1159pm EST and is open to US residents only. Enter below for your chance to win! Good luck!

About Google Home Mini:

Get hands-free help in any room. Google Home Mini is powered by the Google Assistant, so you can ask it questions and tell it to do things. Just start with "Ok Google" to get answers from Google, tackle your day, enjoy your entertainment, and control your smart home. And when you ask for help, it can tell your voice from others for a more personalized experience. Google Home Mini works on its own or you can have a few around the house, giving you the power of Google anywhere.
      Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash


  1. Ya, pipes burst in kitchen flooded house and filed a claim was handy.

  2. I have not had a warranty before.

  3. I've had one, but never used it.

  4. no I just have renters insurance and a extended warranty for some stuff in my apartment.

  5. I had a home warranty plan when we first moved in, we dont have one now.

  6. ive not had a home warranty plan but i think it sounds like something to look into

  7. I have never had a home warranty. I do think this would be of great benefit to us

  8. I have never had one, but it definitely sounds beneficial


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