Monday, February 25, 2019

Entertain the Kids During Spring Break & Beyond--- Without Breaking the Bank!

Spring Break is coming up fast... can you believe it?

For many like my own children, spring break is less than a month away! While we would love to take the time off to go on a great family vacation, the reality is, that's just not in our budget right now. In fact, our budget is pretty tight these days! Still, I want to make sure my kids have a great break! Are you in the same boat? Today, I'm sharing some tips for fun adventures to enjoy with the kids and ways to save money in doing so... perfect for spring break, summer vacation and just because!

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Visit Your Local Library.

Taking your children to the library is a two part boredom buster! First the obvious, it gets them out of the house a bit, and allows them to choose some entertainment to enjoy back at home. Books, movies, even music can be checked out with a free library card! They can even enjoy some computer time there if they don't have access to kid friendly games at home. 

In addition to checking out materials, many libraries also offer a wide variety of free classes and clubs in a variety of subjects. Art, science, comic books... you name it! Check your local library to see what they have to offer for all ages!

Look Into Discount Programs/Days.

Being near a large city, we have a lot of options as far as museums, etc within a short driving distance. Still, the cost can certainly add up! But did you know that many museums offer special discount days? These might mean free admission, or discounted but are certainly worth checking out. As can be expected, these events might draw a larger crowd so be prepared for such, but the savings can certainly make it worth it! In the state of Indiana, many of the museums take part in an Access Pass program that attempts to make museum access affordable to ALL families. Any family that qualifies for TANF, food stamps or Hoosier Healthwise (Medicaid) can attend a variety of participating museums (including multiple children's museums) for a GREATLY discounted price... just $2 per person! 

Buy a Membership.

Perhaps buying a membership to a local attraction might seem the OPPOSITE of the money saving we're trying to accomplish, but that's not always the case. At our local zoo, one visit for our family of 4 during the summer is about $79 for tickets and parking. Yikes! Never mind any food, drinks or souvenirs we might purchase once inside. On the other hand, a family membership costs just $170 which includes free parking and discounts at the gift shop too. If we plan to visit just twice, it has come out even. For a larger family, this would be an even smarter cost option too! You'll definitely want to consider how much you will make use of a membership though. It's only saving money if you use it. Again using the example of our local zoo, they have special events throughout the year to include holiday events--- all included in the membership, making it something to be experienced all year long. 

Go To The Park.

Sometimes simple is best! Buy a kite or some bubbles at your local dollar store and head out to the park to enjoy some time outdoors. Again, sometimes it's not doing anything fancy but just getting the kids out of the house that makes all the difference! Pack a picnic and make a day of it!

Start a Garden. 

This one not only keeps the kids entertained on a budget... but it helps stretch the budget too! Kids- or at least my kids- love to get in the dirt and get their hands dirty. Grab some seeds, soil and somewhere to put them and let them go to town. A few years back, we created a 'swimming pool garden' by drilling some holes in the bottom of an old kiddie pool and planting an above ground garden inside. The soil at our house it difficult to plant in, AND as renters this gave us the option to move it too! Plus my kids loved how bright and fun it look. They can even paint rocks for decor and to mark the planting. 

Cook Together. 

Some days leaving the house just isn't going to be an option. Creating a fun meal together as a family is a great way to cure the boredom on those days! Make it a theme night, choosing movies that go well with the dish you plan and even add some homemade decor if you want! In my home, cooking together is something both of my kids- but especially my daughter- truly enjoy! 

Do you have big plans for spring break? What other activities or tips have you found to keep the kids entertained without breaking the bank? 


  1. These are all good ideas to keep in mind when I have my granddaughters over spring break.

  2. Thanks for all the great ideas. These could come in handy when the kids are home and so "bored" it is driving them and me crazy.

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