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Why You Should be Getting Ready for Summer Right Now

Spring is yet to get into its stride, so you might be wondering why you need to start thinking about summer already! It’s true that it still feels more wintry than summery, but with the way time flies by, those long hot summer days will be upon you in no time. If you look to the summer (which is actually only three months away!) right now, you’ll be able to make the most of every heavenly, sun-kissed day and appreciate the season without missing any part of it.


If you haven’t booked your summer vacation yet, you need to get on to it as soon as you can. If you leave it much longer, your choices will be fewer, and you could lose out on some attractively priced deals and special offers. Make a point of sitting down with the family one evening this week and talking about what you all would like to do this summer, and make a decision on when and where you’d like to go. Don’t put off making the booking. Do it the same evening to ensure you get what you want.

Growing season

If you have a backyard or even just a few containers on a patio, or a window box, now’s the time to be sorting them out for summer. If you want to grow vegetables from seed, many of them need sowing in March and April, and plug plants are going to be available to grow on around now too. Flowering plants like annuals also need to be sown, and herbaceous perennials will be sending up this year’s shoots very soon if they haven’t done so already. Your beds and borders need a haircut to reveal the new growth, and you want to be poised and ready to start planting and sowing as soon as the risk of frost has passed.


In most of North America, the AC is a necessity more than a luxury, as it can get fearsomely hot in the summer. If you already have AC, make sure the unit is serviced and ready to cope with the warmer weather before it arrives, because if you leave it until you’re running with sweat and it breaks down, you’ll regret it – and you don't know how long it might take for a maintenance specialist to fix it. If you’ve yet to install AC, check out the range of options and prices from a reputable source like Cool Dude AC, and find one that fits your budget and your lifestyle.
This time of year is, of course, spring cleaning season, and with good reason. It’s a time for shaking off the winter, looking forward to better weather, and clearing out the house. Getting everything shipshape after the winter is both satisfying and sensible, as you don’t want to waste the warmer days ahead shampooing carpets and washing the curtains. Get all those chores done now and you’ll have a clean house, an unburdened mind, and plenty of time to enjoy the summer.


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