Friday, January 25, 2019

What To Do If You're Struggling To Cope

Life can be a struggle sometimes, for everyone. There are so many reasons why you might be feeling that you can’t cope right now, but whatever the cause of your distress, you don’t need to struggle on your own.
One of the few upsides of the hardships people face so often is that when someone else is suffering the same afflictions, there are plenty of sympathetic souls around to provide comfort and support.
If you’re having troubles in your life and aren’t sure where to turn, here are some of the best places to look for help and understanding.

1.     Your church. God is, of course, omnipresent, and with you throughout your life, and He listens to your prayers every day. Your priest is God’s representative on earth and is devoted to caring for you and all the members of your community. Whatever denomination you are, you have someone in this role at your church in whom you can confide, who is trustworthy, and may well have constructive advice for you if you need it. You also have the other members of your congregation to help out, both practically and with emotional support, so let them help you as you would help them if they were in need.

2.     Health services. Health problems are often at the root of why people struggle to cope with their lives, both physically and mentally. Physical illness often causes mental distress and psychological issues as well, but your doctor and other local health services are there to help you get well and assist you in managing chronic health problems of all kinds. If you feel like you can’t cope, one of the best first steps to take is to visit your doctor and tell them what’s happening, so don’t be afraid to open up to health professionals, they are there to help you.

3.     Treatment programs. If your fear of being unable to cope stems from an obvious cause, such as a problem with alcohol or drug addiction, there are some highly effective treatment programs around that will help you through your difficulties. Have a look at the range of services on offer at a successful clinic such as to find out what’s available. You could join a rehab program or support service that runs on an outpatient basis, if that is best suited to your situation, or get in touch with a counselor.

4.     Friends and family. Don’t feel like you shouldn’t burden those closest to you. Even if you believe that you should soldier on and not give your friends anything to worry about, the truth is that they’re more than likely already worried about you; and either way, the people who love you will be eager to help in any way they can. You need the support of those around you, and you could well need help with practical tasks that they’d be only too happy to lend a hand with as well.
If you feel alone or isolated, there will be local groups and organizations as well as much more online, who can help you through your struggles. You have people all around you who empathize with your plight and can help you cope, so if life is getting on top of you, reach out and find the help you need.


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