Friday, January 25, 2019

Journaling in the (in)courage Bible {Women of the Bible}

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When I first started Bible journaling, I had made the decision that my journaling would stay strictly in the margins, or at the very least be able to be read through. For a time, that worked out well for me until one of my paint tricks that generally allowed me to read through went on thicker than anticipated. And I went with it. In doing so, I realized that I liked not having to turn my Bible to take in my journaling, and so that often meant covering words.

And that worked for ME. I came to terms with the idea that this journal was strictly for worshiping God through art (I have other Bibles for studying and reading) and by not stressing over staying in the margins, I was better able to do so.

Still many others still find themselves wondering how they can stay in the side margins of a typical journaling Bible, while still being able to flip through and read easily. These are questions that come up so often in the Bible journaling community: how can we stay in the margins? how do we get around covering words?

The (in)courage Bible now gives us a completely new layout that might just be the solution we're looking for! Rather than the typical side margins that we've gotten used to in most journaling Bibles, it instead features a journaling space at the bottom of the page.

When I was first introduced to the (in)courage Bible, I thought this would be ideal for note taking, but didn't consider using it for art journaling. Then came the Dayspring Women of Faith: Better Together Bible journaling kit. This kit not only featured devotions found within the (in)courage Bible, but it coordinated beautifully in the design as well. So, I dove right in:

Here's what I discovered and loved about journaling in the (in)courage Bible:

  • You can use the same techniques. For the most part, the actual how-to of journaling is going to stay the same. For this page, I created a paint background with the card trick, added stickers, stamps and washi. I did find for the stamping near the center of the book, I could not go straight down with my stamp as normal, but rather hand to roll it carefully over the bump from the binding. Aside from that, it's all the same... just a different layout.
  • You can spell it out--- without covering words. This truly is the biggest benefit with the (in)courage Bible. If you love the horizontal layout but want to keep your words uncovered, this layout gives you plenty of space to do so. In a typical journaling Bible, I would have either had to turn the Bible on it side to journal out this phrase, or the letter stickers would have to overlap the words in the scripture itself. It offers the best of both. 
  • You get built in devotions. Not only is the Women of the Bible devotional kit a perfect accompaniment, the Bible itself has a great variety of devotions throughout. We can read through these and use them for inspiration in our journaling. This is not something that we often see in journaling bibles making this a truly unique journaling experience. 
Want to learn more about the (in)courage Bible? Visit here.


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