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The Perfect Gift for the Tween on Your List {A TBH™ Review} #tbhgoodhabits

**Product received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Every year for Christmas, in addition to the toys and otherwise 'fun' gifts, I always like to mix in a variety of more practical gifts too. Things like a new toothbrush, body wash sets, pjs, etc. For my daughter, finding those cute little body washes is easy. Anywhere I go, I can find various options with all her favorite characters. Yes, soaps for kids is easy enough.

But for my 11-year-old?

Well, that's a little bit harder. He is getting to that age where he doesn't want to use the little kids stuff. It's too babyish... but he also still wants something fun. Just for him. Just for tweens.

Now thanks to the makers of Fairy Tales Hair Care, we find just that in TBH™ (To Be Honest):

Helping our kids learn how to take care of their own personal needs early on, will help them make better choices later on – right??  TBH™ products are fun to look at, they all smell so good – and most importantly, they work!  Our TBH™ shampoo and TBH ™conditioner will help control oily hair and our Gentle & Spot Face products plus our body products will help deep clean, exfoliate and dry up small pimples.  All our products are soy, dairy, nut free, and gluten free, too!

Our TBH™ Shampoo & TBH™ Conditioner and TBH™ body wash are lightly scented with our unique fragrant blend of beachy, earthy, salty, and sweet notes while our facial cleansers are lightly scented with cucumber essence and grapefruit. 

Fairy Tales Hair Care has been a favorite in my house for quite some time. We love how well the products actually work, while still being a more natural option that I could feel good about my kids using. So when I learned that that had created the first ever made just for Tweens line, we couldn't wait to experience it.

They offer various categories of products: hair, face and body. We decided to check out the body care line, and were given the chance to review TBH™ Body Wash and TBH™ Body Lotion. 

First and foremost, I was struck by the fun design on the packaging. Like I said, at 11 years old... my kid is still a kid. He loves fun stuff. He loves jokes. He loves color. He just doesn't love being grouped in with little kids like his sister. The packaging, I think, reflected that well. It featured a text message style design that was a little more grown up... but still super fun.

The TBH™ Body Wash deep cleans and gently exfoliates with cedar bark, sage, and citrus extracts.  Perfect for a total body cleanse to help keep pores clean and prevent back and chest acne.  TBH Body Lotion moisturizes without clogging pores as well with murumuru butter, cedar bark, and sage. Sometimes in typical children's products, the scents are very...well, childlike. Cotton candy. Bubblegum. You get the idea. But when you dive into the adult section-particularly those made for boys- the scents have more of that cologne scent that my kid just isn't ready for (nor do I particularly want him to use anyway). I love that these scents are a perfect go between--- very simple, age appropriate...and not too overwhelming. More importantly though, it works well, cleaning and moisturizing my son's skin just perfectly. My son doesn't have particularly sensitive skin like his sister, but I feel comfortable that if he did, these ingredients would not irritate it.

The most important thing though is my son's opinion, and he loved it! The idea that it was made just for him made him feel like he was grown up and cool. He was actually excited to hop in the shower to use it...and if you have an 11 year old boy...well, you know that's saying something!

TBH™ products make the perfect stocking stuffer and everyday body care products. To learn more and purchase visit tbhkids.com.


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