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The Benefit of Non-Electronic Toys {+ Save on Educational Toys from Safari LTD}

This is a sponsored post written by myself on behalf of Safari LTD. All thoughts are 100% my own.

With all the deals going on this week, I have found myself in shopping mode. I cannot tell you how many toys I have browsed through over and over again on the hunt for the perfect gifts.

In doing so, I suppose it should come as no surprise that I have come across a LOT of electronic toys. From simple electronics like talking and musical toys to those high tech gadgets like robots, there is an abundance of them everywhere I look. And don't get me wrong, these are great. I love learning toys that can teach kids anything from their ABCs to coding. Kids enjoy them, and if that helps them learn better, awesome. My own kids will be getting some this year too. Still, I think sometimes in the rush to have the latest and greatest, we forget to consider the benefits of those non battery powered toys.

Here are my personal top 3 favorite benefits:
  • They save money. Not only are they often less expensive than their electronic counterparts, there are no ongoing expenses.  No batteries to replace over and over again. That can be quite the savings with the cost of batteries as it is.
  • They last longer. The trouble with electronics? At some point, they tend to go out. And when kids are involved!? Well... that day might happen even more quickly. I'll never forget that moment when my then two year old son decided his favorite electronic robot toy needed a bath... in the toilet! Eek! Sadly, he never worked after that fateful day, leaving me with a sad toddler to deal with. Now I still wouldn't suggest that we give our non-electronic toys a bath in the potty, of course, BUT they DO tend to be more durable.
  • They inspire creativity. With electronic toys, their use tends to be pretty straightforward. There may be some degree or imagination in them, but mostly, the use will remain pretty much the same. Non-electronic toys allow kids to make them their own and lead the play themselves. What will they say? How will they move? It's all up to them. I love watching my daughter's imagination soar when creating these fun scenarios to act out with her toys.

Those are some great reasons to love them, right? But...which toys should you choose?

Today I'm excited to share a company that features the perfect educational toys for the animal loving kid in your life...and let's be honest...isn't that every child? I'm talking about Safari LTD:

At Safari Ltd®, we carefully craft our toys for the most perceptive eyes of all, those of a child. Our hands-painted toys are made with the utmost artistic and precise integrity. From research to meticulous artwork, each authentic, quality figurine goes through a detailed process before it hits the shelves.
Safari Ltd® toys are specialty lifetime treasures that don't have to stay on the collection shelf.

We were recently given the chance to try out some of these cute toys for ourselves. You guys, I just have to say, pictures do not do these toys justice. Truly, the detail on them is absolutely astounding. They didn't set out to make just any old toy, but really paid attention to every aspect of the design. And it shows. For the kid who REALLY loves studying animals, nothing could be better because they do look quite realistic... much more so than similar toys we'd seen in the past.

My kids love National Geographic books and learning all about the various animals around the world. Because of their lifelike qualities, I could not help but think that these truly were the perfect way to bring those books to life in a fun way. They can play with their toy, while studying all about the animal that it was created for. Fun, right? As a mom, I love toys that teach... and are still fun to play with too. That's not to say they can't enjoy learning about and having fun with some mythical creatures along the way too!

Even better though? They don't just look great, they feel great too. I was honestly a little taken back when I first picked up one of these toys. I expected something softer, hollow feeling.. not as well made. In reality, it was very sturdy. It almost felt more like a mini statue of sorts, but not at all fragile. This is important for kids... again, I could take you back to that robot meeting his end in the toilet, but it's not just that... outside play, being tossed about, etc... kids are just rough on toys! Especially toys they love. I can tell that this one will definitely be holding up to whatever my kids manage to throw at it. 

Most important of all, my daughter loved them. She's my creative child so she loved giving the animals personalities and a story line to bring to life. There's that creative thinking at play! My eleven year old who doesn't play with many toys also thought they were pretty cool too. I think he enjoyed them more as a science tool rather than something to play with. That just goes to show how truly universal these fun animal figures can be.

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