DIY Cabinet Wreaths {+ More Dollar Tree Christmas Must Haves}

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I love Christmas.

Actually, you know what... love isn't even a strong enough word. Some might say, I'm obsessed. Yes, I'm that person who started listening to Christmas music back in September and had their tree up before Halloween. And I'm not at all sorry about it.

The truth is, I have big dreams when it comes to the holidays...of a house that is top to bottom decorated for the occasion. But the reality is--- my budget and my dreams do not always agree. Christmas decor can get VERY expensive. Luckily for me, with Dollar Tree, it doesn't have to be!

I recently took a trip to my local Dollar Tree Store to get some Christmas decor on a budget.

From ornament to wreath...even small Christmas trees, they have a little bit of everything! They even have craft supplies to help you create your own one of a kind Christmas decor! Here's a quick list of items to stock up on at Dollar Tree this Christmas:

  • Ornaments. From simple balls to cute decorative pieces, they have a great variety to match your style. Don't have the right colors? Grab a can of spray paint and make them your own. At just $1, this can be a great way to get the look you want for less. (On that same note you can take simple basics like nutcrackers and give them a coat of spray paint for a sleek, modern look at a great price!)
  • Wrapping paper. Dollar Tree is definitely my go to for gift wrap... I mean, why pay more for something that will just end up ripped and trashed Christmas morning anyway, right? They have a fun variety from classic Christmas designs to kids' favorites like DC Comics or Vampirina. 
  • Stocking Stuffers. From Christmas candy to small toys and gifts, we can find a wide variety of items to fill those stockings without breaking the bank.
  • Cookie tins. On a budget for gifts? Baked goods can be a great way to go! Dollar Tree offers a great variety of tins perfect for giving- at various sizes too. You can also pick up some basic baking supplies too! 
  • Christmas Crafts. My favorite Christmas crafting item are their clear craft ornaments, but they truly have a wide variety of supplies for kids and adults alike. From simple supplies like pom poms and pipe cleaners to white plates you can paint to create your very own 'Cookies for Santa'...the possibilities are endless. You can even find crafting inspiration in some NON-craft/holiday sections too.
During my Dollar Tree trip, I picked up a few simple items to bring one of my decor goals to life.

Simple DIY Kitchen Cabinet Wreaths

To get started you will need:

  1. Decorate your wreath however you'd like. You can add a bow, some classic ball ornaments or some floral even. Personally, I decided to keep it very simple with some classic word ornaments to dangle down.
  2. Use your ribbon to hang over the top of your cabinet door. Again, keep it simple or go a little more in depth with a cute bow. I opted to wrap around top and bottom to keep it from swinging.

If you've shopped for wreaths, you know that can get very expensive, even for the most basic. While I had several fuller wreaths in my decor collection, they were too large for this purpose. These simple Dollar Tree wreaths were the perfect. My store actually had a couple different sizes, including some smaller than these, but I opted to go with the 18 in. for a more dramatic look, though they may be a little on the large side! As you might notice, these wreaths aren't super full, but for cabinets, I found them to be perfect...especially with the more rustic feel I was going for. This simplicity also makes them the perfect choice to truly make your own. Leave them rustic and shabby chic as they are, or fill them up with an assortment of ribbons, ornaments, flowers, etc... all available at Dollar Tree as well. All together, I paid a mere $5 for both wreaths to give my kitchen that simple holiday look I desired. Where else can you buy ONE wreath for that, let alone two!?

Don't have a Dollar Tree in your area? You can shop online too! Visit the link below to shop.

Do you shop at Dollar Tree for the holidays? What are your favorite items to purchase or Dollar Tree crafts to create?

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  1. I love to shop Dollar Tree for Christmas decorations and stocking stuffers.


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