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A Subscription Box for Sensory Kids: Introducing Sensory TheraPlay Box!

**Box received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Unless you were living under a rock, you know that last year the toy to take kids everywhere by storm was the FIDGET SPINNER. These simple little toys became so popular that they inspired memes and even cookies. They also led to an all new interest in fidget toys.

Now, for many, these were just the hot new toy. They're fun, generally pretty inexpensive, and it was something to beat the boredom. Those are all great things! But for many children and adults with autism, ADHD, anxiety and sensory processing disorders, these toys served a purpose too. Studies (and experience) have shown that using fidgets and other sensory tools can aid in focus and calming. This extra sensory input helps them to better focus and self regulate when they need it.

Now, I'll be honest... fidget spinners themselves didn't do much of anything for my Shaun... BUT other sensory aids have helped him tremendously. For us, I found that it was just a matter of trying many to find those that worked best for him, and to keep a rotation of different tools to keep them fresh and fun.

But where can we find those tools? How do we know which have the best success?

For that, I am very excited to introduce Sensory TheraPlay Box!

Our wonderful sensory boxes are intended for children on the autism spectrum and/or children with sensory processing issues. Kiddos with hyperactivity, impulsivity, excessive anxiety, temper tantrums, poor coping skills, etc. can also benefit from the items in this box.

Every month you will receive a surprise assortment of 5-7 sensory toys and items for your child. Examples of items include putty, textured tactile toys/ fidgets, craft activities, light up toys, drawing utensils, etc.

Sounds great, right? Sensory TheraPlay Box was created by an occupational therapist, so each box truly does have items that are great for sensory input--- favorites from her experience as an OT, parent favorites that have been tried and true, non 'special needs' toys that just happen to be perfect for sensory needs--- you get the idea!

As you know, my son Shaun is autistic. What you likely don't know is that the last year and particularly the last month have been really rough. We have truly struggled with a lot of behaviors at home and at school with aggression, etc. We had tried many, many of the tools that worked in the past and all fell short. When I heard about and was given the chance to experience Sensory TheraPlay Box, I jumped at the chance, hoping we would find something inside that would provide that calming that he so needed.

Take a look inside the box he received:

  • Yogibo Aromamate. My son loves all kinds of plush, so this was great for him. You can heat it or cool it to treat boo boos, or snuggle as it is. It offers a great lavender scent that is perfect for calming! 
  • Rainbow Twirler. This was definitely the favorite in this box. Shaun has always loved things that spin and twirl--- must like he enjoys spinning himself--- so this was perfect. He is always on the move and jumping from place to place throughout the day, so when I say he say calmly playing with this for nearly an hour, that's truly saying something. He found it very calming, which was MUCH needed on the day it arrived. (My neurotypical 4-year-old was a big fan too!) 
  • SmartKnit Kids Seamless Socks. Many children with sensory issues have problems with certain types of clothing--- itchy tags, the seams in socks, etc. These are completely seamless and hug the feet comfortably. Now, Shaun is not as sensitive to these things as many (he's typically more of a sensory seeker), BUT he is known to go sockless (and pants less when he can!), and he loved these. He actually said he was never taking them off, so that's definitely again saying something!
  • Zipper Bracelets. Whether its autism or ADHD, many kids crave that constant movement... even at times when it's less acceptable to be moving--- class, church, etc. This fidget is a great way to get that little bit of movement in. It's also great for anxiety to help calm the nerves. Because it's wearable, they can have it with them no matter where they are.This is one tool I'd never heard of, but truly is genius! 
  • Crazy Aarons Putty. We've done sensory play with other putty and doughs before, but none have been quite as cool as this. Not only is it great for tactile input, but the glitter is very visual too. Shaun loved it. The only downfall for us is that Shaun also has a lot of oral sensory needs, and kept putting it into his mouth so we had to be really mindful of that.
  • Squeeze Owl. Much like a stress ball, this is great for squeezing when kids start to feel anxious or angry... but in a fun kid package. It's soft, squeezable and fun too!
  • Spiky Inside Out Ball. I think as toddlers most kids have those spiky porcupine like balls--- certainly a sensory staple. This was is especially fun as you can turn it inside out. Very cool. 
  • Quote. Each box also features a quote, which is just a fun little addition! 
Overall, we loved everything in the box. Some of it more than others, but it gave us a lot of great additions to our 'calm down' box! These boxes say the ideal age group is 5-9, but I can say that at 10 years old, much of it was still great for Shaun too.

But as I mentioned before, we often find that we find something that works... until it doesn't. I love that Sensory TheraPlay Box delivers new sensory goodies to your door each and every month so that we can change them out and keep them fresh so he doesn't grow bored of the same old toys. But for those favorites he DOES want to keep around, I love that they provide a list so we can find just where to purchase more in the future. Once again a sign that this was created by someone with experience. They get it.

You can purchase a monthly subscription for just $39.95, paid each month OR save and prepay for your 3 or 6 month subscription. 

If you are looking for great sensory tools for home or the classroom, Sensory TheraPlay Box is a must see! Click the link below to learn more and subscribe.

Do you have a sensory kid? What are some of your favorite sensory toys? What do you love about Sensory TheraPlay Box? 


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