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Encouraging Children's Passion in Extracurricular Activities {+ A Look at Gymnastic Equipment from Airtrack Zone}

**This is a sponsored post written by myself on behalf of Airtrack Zone. All thoughts are 100% my own.

As parents, we want our kids to be happy and healthy! We want them to find the things that they love and encourage them to do their best in these things, don't we?

But how do we truly encourage kids to find those passions and to stick with them? Today I'm sharing a few tips:

On Finding an Activity:
  • Let Them Try Different Things. Kids change their minds more than they change their underwear. As kids, they are still discovering what matters most to them. Some find it at a younger age while others it takes a while. Still, they must be given those chances to try things out and see what sticks. My son at ten is still trying to learn that. My niece at 9 discovered a few years ago that cheer and gymnastics were here thing and has worked towards that... so just give them the chance and the time and they'll figure it out!
  • Give It A Season. One of the rules in our home is that if you sign up for something, you see it through until the end of your commitment. Some activities that might just be a few weeks, or even a month... I even know of some karate classes that offer 1-2 free classes to dip your feet in before making a larger commitment. This would be ideal, but isn't available with every club or activity, so sometimes you might have to stick it out through an entire season. Not only does this teach kids to stand by their word and follow through with the commitments they've made, but it can also help them to really consider what is important to them. At the end of the season, reevaluate... they might have fallen in love over time or they might decide they're ready to move on. 
On Keeping With An Activity:

  • Encourage But Don't Push. Once your children has found the activity they love, now is the time to encourage them to keep it up. Like I mentioned before, not allowing them to give up before the commitment has passed is one way to do that. Chances are with any activity, there are going to be some roadblocks along the way so encourage them to keep on going when its not as easy, but be careful not to push them too hard to where it becomes not fun for them either! You have to find the balance! 
  • Show An Interest. Sometimes, the activities our kids choose are not what WE would choose for them, let's be honest. But when we take an interest anyway, it lets our kids know that we care about them, and makes them want to keep it going too!
  • Provide The Proper Tools to Be Successful. If your child has a passion for something and has shown that it's something they plan to stick with in the long run, giving them the proper tools to be successful in that is very important--- be it uniforms, lessons or at home practice equipment like an air track for tumbling to keep them motivated.

Have a child/teen who is interested in gymnastics or cheer? Who can blame them, right? It's active, it's fun... it's the perfect combination of individual and team sport--- and can be a great starting point for many future activities too! And for that, Airtrack Zone has just the equipment you need to keep keeps practicing and motivated. Take a look at their air track devices and their tumbl trak air floor pro. Airtrack Zone offer high quality inflatable products that will help your budding cheerleader or gymnast get the practice they need and do so safely! First of all, these mats grip strongly to the ground to prevent it from sliding, but are also designed to reduce slipping when you're on it too. They're lightweight, take up minimal room, and for those cooler months even effectively block ground coldness too. These are most certainly worth checking out to give your child the extra practice and support they need!

Does your child have an activity they are passionate about? How did they discover that passion? If they enjoy gymnastics, how can Airtrack Zone help? 


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