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Easy & Thrifty Halloween Costumes

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Can you believe that October is already over halfway through? It seems as if it's only just begun and yet, we're less than two weeks until Halloween!

Have your kids figured out their costumes yet. I must admit the month has snuck up on us, and we're still working on that! For us, the struggle is often finding unique costume ideas that are not going to break the bank as store bought costumes so often can. And with time quickly running out, they have to be pretty easy too!

So today, I'm sharing some costume ideas that are easy AND inexpensive.

Bundle of Grapes.
Dress in purple and pin purple balloons to your clothes for this fun costume! Add a green hat for a stem if you have one. If you have the purple clothing, this idea can cost just $1-2! I did this when I was about my son's age and won a costume contest with it!

Okay, it might not be unique, but this classic certainly is thrifty! Cut some holes in an old white sheet and you're set!

A Baby Doll.
Put on a cute girly dress and add some red lips, pink cheeks and some freckles drawn on. This costume is ideal for little girls and grown ups too.

Jake...From State Farm.
A red shirt, khakis, headset and a 'Hello My Name Is' sticker and you're all set! Funny and super simple too. You might have most of the costume already on hand.

Stick Figure. 
Dress in white from head to toe and use black tape to 'draw' arms and legs onto your outfit. You can even create a mask using foam board (Dollar Tree) and old panty hose for the eyes!

Clark Kent.
Some nerdy glasses, button up and Superman shirt underneath and you're set. You can also whip up a quick press badge to complete the look.

Wilson from Home Improvement.
Have a flannel tee and fishers hat? Make a popsicle stick fence with a handle, and you're set. This is one us 90s children can most definitely appreciate.

Crazy Cat Lady.
Throw on a bath robe, pin some plush cats to it and grab some curlers and you're ready to go. Hilarious and pretty simple too!

As you can see from this list, Halloween doesn't have to break the bank, or take months! There are many simple ideas using cheap supplies and/or items already in hand.

What is YOUR favorite simple and thrifty Halloween idea? 


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