Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Easy Tips for a Safe Halloween

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun time for kids, but with everyone out and about after dark in some cities, it's important to remember that we can have a fun Halloween AND be safe too! So, before you head out to trick or treat tonight, check out these quick and simple safety tips!

  • Plan a Route. I have found that it can be really easy to get turned around after dark... especially if you're new to an area. Plan out your map and get a general idea how long it might take to get back once you're out to avoid getting caught in the dark!
  • Use Reflective Clothing/Glow Sticks. In my neighborhood, we do not have any streetlights, so it can be hard to see people walking from the car. Wear brighter costumes when at all possible, or equip yourself with some reflective clothing, glow sticks, even a flashlight will do.
  • Use flexible props. If the props make a costume, be sure they're not going to poke someone's eyes out! Kids get excited and props start swinging... oh boy! Also on the prop front, make sure that if your child MUST use a weapon prop in their costume that it is CLEARLY fake- no real looking guns, knives or swords! 
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Oh sure, the pretty dress shoes might look better with the costume your princess is wearing, but after walking a few blocks, you might find yourself regretting that decision. Take some photos with the prettier shoes before you leave, then go for the cozy!
  • Make sure costumes are a good length. I'm always one to buy a little larger so there is more use out of it, but make sure the length is good... not too long that your child will be tripping on it. 
  • Skip masks if you can. Masks tend to limit line of sight, so if you CAN avoid them, do. If not, be prepared to be a second set of eyes for your child. 
  • Remind kids of road safety rules before you go. You might have to remind them as you go too, but it's best to go over all the guidelines before you go! Be prepared to be EXTRA vigilant. 
  • Dress for the weather. Here in Indiana, we have some Halloweens that are warm... and some where it snows. You just never know! Tomorrow is supposed to be a cold one, so our plan is to pile on the layers UNDER the costume. Like the shoes, you can also take photos of the costumes without layers before you head out, but better to be warm than cold just to show off the costume, am I right!? 
  • Always take your cell phone. That's standard for most of us right? But make sure it's charged and on hand, just in case. That being said, stop a few places to snap a few pics, but don't be distracted by the phone either! Kids are extra excited on Halloween and it only take a few seconds for them to run off. 
  • And of course, always inspect candy before eating!
I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween! 


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