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DIY Morton Salt Girl Costume {+ More Halloween Inspirations from Primary}

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Halloween is quickly approaching...have you starting planning yet?

One of my favorite parts of Halloween (aside from raiding my kids' trick or treat baskets, of course) is coming up with unique costume ideas each year. Now, of course you can head to any local store and find a costume already put together for you, but... well, I must admit being a frugal mom, I can't often justify purchasing a costume only to be worn one day. Aside from that, isn't a unique costume that much more fun!?

This year, my daughter decided a few months early that she knew just what she wanted to be:

The Morton Salt Girl.

I couldn't tell you where a 5-year-old comes up with the idea such as this, but I absolutely loved it. Not only is it completely unique, but it really would only take a few simple pieces:

Put them all together and you've got one super cute, super simple costume. We personally already had both the tights and the umbrella on hand, but both items could picked up cheaply just about anywhere. (Added bonus, the umbrella will be ideal should we have a rainy Halloween!) The salt again can be found in ANY grocery story--- assuming there isn't already some in your pantry, of course. We plan to add a little bit of string so that she could more easily carry it with her as we go trick or treating. Alternately if you wanted to to stand out a little more, you can turn an old coffee or oat canister into an oversized Morton's salt can... perfect for carrying candy too! 

The real star of this costume was the perfect yellow dress. As I said, all the other elements can be found just about anywhere, but that iconic yellow dress? Well, that was a little bit harder to find... but we found the perfect solution thanks to Primary!

So, who is Primary?

At Primary, we are inspired by simplicity. Instead of offering limitless variations, we focus on offering “the one” of everything that a kid wears – from the one t-shirt to the one cardigan to the one polo. This focus allows us to offer the best price and also an easy shopping experience for busy parents. Our stylish basics are offered in vibrant colors that mix and match beautifully, and will work with whatever else is in your closet.

I don't know about you--- simple style in colors we love? Yes, please! It makes it easy to find just the right pieces for school, photos or just because without any obnoxious logos or extras. Simple, cute... and perfect for Halloween. As I said, we found that The Long Sleeve Dress in Dandelion was PERFECT for her salt girl costume. Not only does it look great and feel great, but it is a piece that she can wear time and time again, long after Halloween is over. That's not something we can say about many store bought Halloween costumes, is it?

The truth is, these are my favorite type of costumes--- those that either use simple pieces already in your wardrobe OR simple pieces you can purchase and wear again. Because Primary offers JUST those simple pieces, it truly is the perfect solution for whatever costume your child might have in mind. It saves you money--- and it looks fantastic!

Still weighing your costume ideas? Here are a few ideas using basic pieces that you can create effortlessly:

  • Bundle of Grapes. Dress in head to toe Primary pieces in grape, and pin purple balloons all over. (I actually did this as a child, and it's STILL my favorite costume to date! I even won a costume contest with it!)
  • Peter Pan (girl version). Grass leggings and dress of choice make for a simple and cute female Peter Pan. Create a simple sword using cardboard and duct tape to complete the outfit.
  • Jake from State Farm. Throw on some khakis, a red polo and a name tag and you'll have the perfect commercial inspired costume that will make everyone laugh!
  • Wimpy Kid. Some simple black pants and a white tee can bring this literary costume to life. Visit here to find out how to finish the look with a simple foam board mask.
  • Miss Frizzle. Another great literary costume that kids will go crazy for--- The Long Sleeve Dress in Navy will provide the perfect background for some fun space stickers!
  • Minion. A long sleeve yellow tee and a pair of overalls makes this another super fun and super simple option. Throw on some Minion goggles or a beanie, and the look is complete!
These are just a few simple idea, but the possibilities with Primary are endless... from favorite characters to classic costume we can take these cute basics and turn them into something fun and unique, or add the perfect finishing touches to their existing looks. Still need more inspiration? Check out these great ideas at Primary.

What are your children going for this Halloween? Which pieces from Primary would make the perfect addition to their costumes? 


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