Monday, September 18, 2017

Crafty Celebrations: DIY Ideas For Your Child’s Birthday Party

No one child is alike, but they all have one thing in common:

They all love their birthday parties.

When this magical time of the year rolls around, your child likely buzzes with excitement. Turning another year older is a big deal, and the perfect party will help them celebrate the beginning of another revolution around the sun. And this all starts with choosing the right decorations and activities.

If you are tired of the same store-bought decorations that ultimately sit in storage, it’s time to shake it up. These crafty ideas will help you capture your child’s personality while giving them a party they will never forget.

  • Creative Chalkboard Art: You may have noticed this trend popping up at weddings and baby showers, but you can also use it for a child’s birthday party. Decorate an a-frame board to place outside of your home, welcoming guests before they even enter the door. You can also use smaller chalkboards to point out where to place the presents, to declare your child’s age, or to display fun facts about your the birthday kid.

  • Confetti-Filled Balloons: These colorful orbs are a birthday party staple, but there are ways to make them less standard. Take white balloons and fill them with colorful confetti before blowing them up. Add helium and watch these fun features float the the ceiling. Add strings so your child’s friends can take them home at the end.

  • Homemade Temporary Tattoos: Rather than buying tattoos from the store, you can make your own with several different methods. Generally, 1.5 x 1.5 inch tattoos are perfect for kids, since they fit well on cheeks and hands. You and your child can either make these themed tattoos ahead of time, or you can make it a party craft.

  • Funky Cake Toppers: The possibilities for DIY cake toppers are seemingly endless. You can attach tissue paper flowers, paper letters, cute cutout shapes, or even a photo of your child’s face to a stick, then just stick it in the cake. This simple craft can make even the simplest cake look lovely.

  • Fun Party Crowns: Your child will already feel like royalty at their party, but that doesn’t mean their guests can’t too. Start the party by encouraging every child to make their own unique crown. Either provide stencils or pre-bought crowns, and then scatter the table with all sorts of glitter, stickers, markers, and other craft supplies.

While the specifics of these crafts will vary based on the age of your child and their party theme, they will surely have a blast when they see these decorations and activities. If your child is old enough, they may even want to be involved in the planning.

The bottom line is to express your child’s personality and create a memorable experience for all of their friends. Even if it doesn’t play out perfectly, your child will still be overjoyed. And that’s what matters.


  1. I think they would really like the confetti-filled balloons and the fun party crowns. What great ideas!

  2. Thanks for these fun ideas for kids birthday parties. My granddaughter has a birthday coming up in December and I'm going to do the confetti-filled balloons.

  3. I wish this had been posted a month ago, just celebrated LO#1's first bday! Some good ideas to keep in mind for next year.

  4. Great ideas! We recently did the Confetti-Filled Balloons for my sons birthday party, they were a huge hit!


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