Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Moms- Snack on the Go with Perfect Bar {A #MomsMeet Review}

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Hey moms--- do you ever feel like you're always on the go? 

With extracurricular activities and work schedules... sometimes it can seem like for many families today we spend more time on the road than at home. Whew, that can be exhausting. Is it any wonder that we so often find ourselves running through the drive through or stopping at the convenience store for an extra bit of energy to get us through these busy days.

Let's be honest, if you're trying to eat better... these are not the best places to do so! So, what's a mama to do?

For me, it's all about keeping a well stocked purse! As moms, we're used to keeping out bags stocked for the kids, but we have to make sure to do the same for US too. When we take better care of us, we'll be better equipped to care for the kids too. In addition to our other essentials like lipstick, our cell phones, wallets and a planner... why not also add a grown up snack too.

For healthy snacking on the go, is there anything more perfect than Perfect Bar? 

So, what is Perfect Bar? 

Perfect Bars are refrigerated protein bars made with delicious nut betters with only organic honey as a binder. But don't let the refrigerated part scare you... they can stay fresh for a week outside the fridge. These delicious bards are creamy and smooth, and absolutely delicious. And they're good for you too. Each full size bar is packed with up to 17g of whole food protein. No wheat or soy in these tasty treats. Minis offer 5g. Packed with protein, these are certainly sure to keep you going. They also contain 20+ nutrient dense superfoods- for instance kale, apple and spinach- all excelent sources of vitamins and minerals. They are non GMO, gluten free, soy free, kosher and as an added bonus- made in the USA.

But the real question of course is... how do they taste?

I must admit I'm a bit of a picky eater. I have tried MANY protein bars in the past and have found very few that I actually enjoyed. These were some of those few! They were delicious and surprisingly filling too! Even my kids loved them too- and as we know kids can be a little picky too! These truly are delicious and something that I can feel much better about snacking on.

Perfect Bars are available in more than 12,000 fridges nationwide. Minis are only available online at PerfectBar.com or in select retailers. To find a store near you, visit: perfectbar.com/where-to-buy

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  1. These would be great for a hike or a trip. Perfect size portion and easy to carry.

  2. I'm always looking for a bar I can enjoy rather than telling myself it's good for me.
    slehan at juno dot com

  3. I enjoy almonds but I'm not a fan of almond butter but I super enjoy peanut butter so I bet I would like that one.

  4. 17g of whole food protein - wow, I'm impressed! How much sugar do they have? I'll have to keep my eyes out for these.


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