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The One We Didn't See Coming.

Last week, I shared our big announcement that after 11 years in the Marine Corps, my husband will be leaving the military at the end of September. What I did not mention at that time is that this is not the only big unexpected change happening in our life right now. But if you've been following on Instagram, you may have already come to the realization: we're MOVING!

They say bad things come in threes and it certainly seems to be the case for us. Bad thing number one came a few months ago when my husband crashed his motorcycle. He walked away with a broken shoulder, but it was certainly not an experience we anticipated or would like to repeat. Then came the news of my husband's reenlistment. Not great news, but we remained hopeful and came up with a plan...we'd stay in our current home until my husband found a good steady job (hopefully with the police department) and were able to buy a house. Our lease was good until March so it seemed like a good solution.

Last Monday, we were reminded of another great lesson the military life has taught us: never plan anything...or at least, write your plans in pencil. Our landlady announced that she was selling the house and we have just 30 days to move! Needless to say, we were blindsided by the news. Now on top of all our preparations for getting out of the military (job hunting, doctors' appointments, etc), we must also find a place to live VERY quickly...before school starts in a few short weeks!

It has been a stressful few weeks, and quite honestly, things are still up in the air. We are packing all we can as we wait for news on an apartment and trying to figure out what to do about school, since the area we are likely moving is a different district than what we have been prepping Shaun for for MONTHS. Thankfully, we had already started talking to him about moving in the future when we bought a house, so he seems to be taking the news well. Still, we know he does not handle transition well, as with most children with autism. It is  probably the affect this will have on him that I find most upsetting about the entire situation, but we are trying to do what we can with the situation we were put in.

So, things kinda suck a little bit right now. But I keep reminding myself that things always get worse before they get better, and that once again, God has something great in store for us in the coming months. For now, we just keep pushing forward and hoping and praying for the best.


  1. I am sorry to hear your life is in such upheaval right now. Change is hard even for adults, so I'm sure your little guy is struggling. I'll pray that God will show you the path He intends your family to follow.

  2. Good luck! Just remember that one day you'll look back on all this and understand God's great plan.

  3. I'm surprised the landlord can break the lease like that. Usually with a sale I thought the new owner would have to honor the lease. i do believe that in the end we end up where we're supposed to be. I went through a traumatic move last year, but it eventually led me to a great house that I would've missed out on. I hope that your silver lining shows up sooner rather than later.

  4. Praying for you!!! Hope you're able to find a place to live near a good school for Shaun and that he'll adjust quickly.


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