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June via Instagram

I cannot believe it's already the middle of JULY...time certainly has gotten away from me.
So, perhaps it's a bit late, but he's a look back at our June via Instagram.

 Miss Finley showing off some of her Disney Princess collection. Since this photo was taken she also added about 4 more dolls!! We love Disney princesses!!!

Shaun recently developed a fascination with Alice in Wonderland. Here he is painting the flowers red...we didn't have roses!!

He also developed a love of basketball, so Mommy bought him his very own basketball goal. 
He's been having a blast with it, and is pretty good I must say. Daddy has been getting in on the fun too!

This was taken just after Fin took her very first steps!! So big!!

We made homemade, baby-friendly blueberry pops! Yum!!

This was Shaun's sword and shield...isn't he cute?

Shaun got a new pet- a firefly he named Stanley. He went everywhere with us for about a day...unfortunately, his lifespan was short. Shaun was devastated.

The sign said, 'No Pets'.

Shaun decided he wanted a beard like my dad...the goof!

I couldn't resist buying him a Coke with his name!

We bought a little pool to beat the summer heat...the kids LOVED it!!

Shaun showing off his newest I See Me! book. They are his favorites!

Shaun found this adorable Little Mermaid toy at a yard sale for 75 cents...Finley LOVES it!!

 Fin and Mommy- I just adore her eyes.

I just love this photo of Shaun and Finley...she was trying to get him to sneak her food, but I love how she always looks up at him with such adoration.

We recently bought a second vehicle for the first time since we've been married, and I needed something to show that the family car was MINE. This decal did the trick.

July has started off with a bang and has already proven to be quite...exciting. I honestly have know idea what the rest of this month will hold...but more on that later! To keep up with my family as we go, follow me on Instagram as randikaye.


  1. I'm a new reader, sucked in by giveaways :) Your kids are ADORABLE! And I love that your son was painting the flowers red. Only a child would even think of that. I love the inspiration and creativity that children bring to our lives.

  2. You have a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing with us!

  3. Love the pictures! Such a cute family! And I love that decal - I wish my husband would go for it.

  4. great pictures. looks like everyone is having a fun summer. i love your CD sticker!

  5. How sweet!! I remember that exact Ariel toy too! lol


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