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Surviving Summer Road Trips {with Bigelow Tea} #AmericasTea #shop #CollectiveBias

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If there is one thing our time in the military has taught us...it's how to road trip!! You see, for the first five years of our marriage, my husband was stationed in California while our families were across the country in Indiana and Illinois. Flying with a family could be quite expensive and inconvenient for everyone, so at least once a year we would find ourselves driving from California to the Midwest- approximately 30 hours on the road (going nonstop)...and did I mention this was with a CHILD! Our son Shaun took his very first cross country road trip at less than five months old. As I said, we KNOW road trips! Our road trips to visit family are now a mere 3.5 hours, but we still put many of the lessons we learned during those longer trips to good use. Are you planning a summer trip with the family? Whether you're traveling across the country or just a few hours away, I've compiled just a few tips to help you travel while keeping your sanity (and without breaking the bank too!). But first, I stopped by my local Walmart for a few trip essentials.

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst. Despite all your best efforts to plan the smoothest trip possible, things happen. We've had broken down cars, bad weather, a sick kiddo...not to mention that one time we nearly ended up in Mexico by mistake. Oops! Summer travels are a bit easier as you don't have to worry about icy roads, but do be prepared for any other obstacles that may arise. Pack a few extra outfits more than what you might need (if you're like me, that's NOT a problem!). Keep your phone charged and a charger handy. Chances are, everything will go well...but if they don't, make sure you're covered!

Pick Your Music Wisely. A good music choice can really make a long drive more bearable. When I'm doing the driving, I prefer some good upbeat 90s pop music. My husband is a big classic rock fan. On our most recent road trips, our carseat hating 10 month old could only be calmed by the Frozen soundtrack. Which leads us to:

Entertainment for the Kids. Travel games, coloring books, electronics, small toys...whatever it takes! For our son, it's usually something to watch a movie on...or a portable game system. Let's face it...kids get bored fast, and when you're on a long trip, bored kids will make you lose your sanity quicker than they can utter, 'Are we there yet?'. One great tip that we found helpful was to buy something new just for the trip...with any luck, the newness will keep them occupied longer than the same old toys they've grown accustomed to.

Quench Your Thirst (& Hunger Too!). Perhaps this goes along with the first tip, but it's such a big one that it deserves being mentioned twice. A small thermal with snacks for the trip is a MUST. Of course, you can always buy along the way, but having made that mistake I can assure you, it's not the best option. First of all, the cost of shopping convenience stores can be a little ridiculous! We can buy the same snacks we could pick up along the way beforehand and pay MUCH less. Second, you never know where you'll be when hunger/thirst hits you. In our experience, it's never when there are gas stations and restaurants galore, but when you're on the long stretches with nothing in sight. Of course!!

During the summer months, staying hydrated is especially important. For my husband it's all about the tea...he could drink it by the gallon. Buying individual cans or bottles may be convenient, but again adds up quickly...especially when you drink it as my husband does. Instead, we brew at home and take it along. For that, Bigelow Tea is ideal!!

Why choose Bigelow Tea?
  • They offer MANY varieties! From herbal to mint to more classic flavors, there is truly a little something for everyone. When it comes to summer tea, my husband prefers to keep it simple, so I chose the tea that started it all, their 'Constant Comment'.
  • They're delicious! No matter the variety you choose, they are sure to be just what your taste buds are craving during your trip! You truly can do no wrong. Their foil pouches keep it fresh, so you get a quality cup of tea, every time.
  • They are made right here in the USA. Bigelow Tea is a family owned company, spanning three generations! How great is that?
  • They're inexpensive and convenient. When it comes to traveling, it's great to save money where you can and Bigelow Tea is great for that. They can be found at Walmart and fit into every budget easily!
So rather than risk going thirsty on the road...or breaking your budget to stay hydrated- trust Bigelow Tea to keep you going. Pack a gallon in a cooler of ice to pour as you go...or pre fill water bottles before you go. Fast and easy! And don't forget to take a box along. You'll want to enjoy the same great taste once you get where you're going too!

Want to learn more about how Bigelow Tea can fit into your life? Check out the links below:

Visit their website: https://www.bigelowtea.com
Bigelow Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bigelowtea
Bigelow Twitter:  https://twitter.com/bigelowtea

And be sure to check out this awesome Pinterest board for more Bigelow Tea inspirations:

And to make your summer even more exciting, be sure to enter the Bigelow Tea Made in the USA Sweepstakes for your chance to win a Plantation Mint Tea Gift Set! 


  1. My son has that same Thermos but he has Mickey Mouse on it. We love our tea, too! :-)

  2. These are excellent road trip tips! My family road trips from Arizona to California frequently and I truly can't imagine a 30 hour road trip with a child. I love the idea of not having to count on stores along the way when the family gets thirsty! Bigelow tea is the perfect drink to bring along. #client


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