Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Being A Mom Looks Like... {52 Weeks}

Being a mom looks like:
  • Dark circles under the eyes from lack of sleep in those early days (and sometimes beyond!)
  • Being covered in messes- from breast milk to pee, to snot and muddy hand prints. Mommies make the best napkins after all.

Being a mom looks like:
  • Unbrushed hair and a desperate need for a shower.
  • PJs or yoga pants, all day long.
  • Choosing comfort (and ability to chase a little one) over fashion if needed...though no one says you can't have both!!
  • Chipped fingernails and overgrown roots.

Being a mom looks like:
  • A proud smile when your little one learns or accomplishes something new.
  • Snuggling up to a sleeping child.
  • Acting silly with your little one...and not caring what anyone thinks.

But most importantly, being a mom looks like:
  • Pure happiness!!!


  1. What a beautiful family congrats on the birth of your new baby!

  2. This sounds about right. I'm so over caring about pee, poop, and spit-up. But I'm glad I get to love my baby every day.


"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24