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Celebrate Halloween with Angry Birds Star Wars! {A Costume Discounters Review}

**Product received for review.

It's hard to believe that summer is drawing to an end already...but the kids are back in school, Fall is approaching quickly and it's time to start thinking about Halloween! Of course, one of the greatest things about Halloween is finding the perfect costume...there are so many choices!! But when you're on a budget, costume shopping can get quite price-y! Most kids want a different costume each year, so it's hard to spend money on a costume that may be used just one time! Today, I'm excited to introduce you to a website that makes Halloween shopping more affordable: Costume Discounters!

Costume Discounters generously sent my little man the costume of his choice to review! With so many options available, the possibilities were endless but he was able to find the perfect one: Darth Vader Pig from Angry Birds Star Wars! (His favorite character from his favorite Angry Birds game!) He was beyond thrilled when his costume arrived quickly...we all know kids don't like to wait, and I'll be honest- neither does Mommy so the fast shipping was definitely a huge plus in my book. The costume was absolutely perfect- great quality, great price and just perfect for my little man. The only downfall was that it's a little bit big on my little man, BUT this is not the fault of Costume Discounters- this happens to be the smallest size available anywhere...not a huge deal to my son, as you can see! He adores his costume, and cannot wait until Halloween to wear it!

Of course, this is a costume that can be found at many costume stores, both in your area and online...so what makes Costume Discounters the better place to shop for costumes? First up, the variety...so many options available at varying price ranges to fit your budget. Looking at Star Wars costumes alone, you can see simple options for those on the tightest of budgets, or premium costumes for those that want to get a little fancier. And there are plenty of options besides Star Wars as well!! And of course, as the name suggests the prices are very affordable. Not only did I find them to be cheaper than other options I'd checked into, IF you do find the costume you want in stock cheaper at another online retailer, they will match the price!! How great is that!? This is especially useful if you have multiple costumes to purchase...rather than shopping around to get the best deals and paying more in shipping costs, you can get them all in one 'stop'. (The guarantee however is limited to 2 pieces.) You are guaranteed to get the best deal around!!

I think though my favorite feature that Costume Discounters has to offer is their exchange policy. Let's face it, shopping online can be tough...sizes from costume to costume can vary greatly and what we think will work may not. I personally dislike shopping for clothing online for this reason, but with Costume Discounters, that is not a problem. If you order the wrong size, they will exchange it, and pay the shipping both ways!! And we all know that kids can be a little indecisive when it comes to costume choices. What they decide on one week may completely change by the time it arrives...if you purchase a costume only to decide it wasn't the right choice, you can take advantage of their Free Costume Exchange Program. They make it easy to get you just what you need, quickly!!

With all these wonderful features available, I will certainly be using Costume Discounters for our future costume needs. You can read more about all these great features and see what Costume Discounters has to offer at the links below:

Disclosure: Costume Discounters provided me with the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I received no monetary compensation for this post.


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