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21 Weeks

21 Weeks!!

This week I can't help but ask the question- how can a baby so tiny (8 ounces at our ultrasound a few weels back) feel SO heavy! Seriously! I think she must be growing too...I went from getting full super quickly, to feeling hungry all the time! Aside from that- again no real changes from last week-still growing increasingly uncomfortable with each passing day... I will say my belly button is starting to look just a little funny too!

Baby is moving like crazy, and even enough now that we can watch her move! I don't remember actually being able to SEE the movement until much later on with Shaun...but then that was six years ago, and my memory truly isn't that great! As uncomfortable and even painful- as pregnancy can be, this is definite one of those things that makes it worthwhile! Shaun still isn't patient enough to sit and wait and watch for her to kick, but she has kicked him a few times when he's laid on my tummy...she likes her space it seems!! I'm not sure if he's actually paid enough attention to feel it, or if he truly understands at this point.

We're slowly getting things done and ready for her arrival...not as quickly as this mommy would prefer, but I've been told to stop shopping so that people have things left to buy as gifts for the shower! Ooops! (I promise...there is still a LOT we need yet!)


  1. Your little baby bump is adorable. Congrats!! I'm a new follower on your blog :)



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