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Reno Rose Pirose Motherhood Review

Today, I am excited to share with you an awesome company- Reno Rose and their wonderful Pirose Motherhood nursing scarf! If you're a mom, you know that with babies come stuff...a LOT of stuff!! When you have a baby, even heading out for a day at the mall or the zoo can seem like you're packing for a weekend! I always tried to keep our diaper bag contents to a minimum- diapers, wipes, change of clothes, wrap and nursing cover...but even that could add up quickly! On top of all that we need to bring, we also still want to look stylish, right? 

Plenty of coverage for nursing!!

This gorgeous scarf is the perfect solution! I'm a very modest person, so while I have no issues with nursing in public, it wasn't for me, so I always had a nursing cover readily available. Unfortunately, the one I had with my son was just not that cute...it was boring, black and blah. And being black and having a child who would often sweat a lot while nursing/sleeping anyway, it was not ideal for trips to the zoo or the park when it was hot out. It served it's purpose, but I would have loved to have the Pirose Motherhood with him! First of all, did I mention it's gorgeous? I was sent the Taeja print to review, and I just love the colors in this pattern. The other options are just as gorgeous as well! At first glance, it appears to be sheer, but the pattern is designed to camouflage the nursing baby, while still allowing him/her to see mommy's face. As I said, I'm VERY modest, and will have no worries about being exposed when our baby girl arrives! This sheer, lightweight material also means that it's much more breathable for mom and baby! If you've ever nursed a little one under a blanket on a warm summer day, you know how great this is! And it also means it will take up less room in the diaper bag, if you choose to carry it in there (and comes with a carrying case too). I also love that it's shawl style design means there is coverage all around. I have several nursing covers aside from this one, and all of those simply cover the front, with a tie around the neck. This is fine when you're sitting, but not ideal if you're out walking around with baby in a wrap or sling. The Pirose offers more side coverage and would make this mommy much more comfortable!! The size options also allow you to pick your coverage based on your comfort level as well...if you're just looking for minimal cover, the small/medium is perfect. For me personally, I went with the large/xlarge.

The lovely little bag it comes in...great to throw into the diaper bag!

But what really makes this nursing cover so unique? It's multifunctional! When not being used for nursing, it can be worn as a scarf, shawl, hair accessory or even a stroller or carseat cover! You can even tie it onto your diaper bag for a fun little accessory...still readily available but not taking up valuable room inside the diaper bag! This also means that it can be used AFTER your nursing days are over...making it a great gift for a mommy who wants to try to breastfeed, but perhaps is on the fence! (I know personally, if I know a mom plans to try to nurse, I love getting breastfeeding friendly gifts to support that decision- but they've often gone unused if mom changes her mind or it doesn't work out- this is the perfect solution!!)

Worn as a scarf...super cute!

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my Pirose Motherhood! It will definitely be my go to cover for nursing on the go with baby #2...I'm excited to use it. And in the meantime, I'm loving it as a scarf too!! If you're looking for a nursing cover that's cute, multifunctional and stylish- I highly recommend them! (And if you're reading this and love the style, but aren't a mommy or aren't nursing- Reno Rose offers Pirose Fashion options as well!!)

Worn as a shawl...just another one of the many styling options!

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.


  1. If I won I would choose Teaja...the purple color is just beautiful!

  2. So cute, stylish, & multifunctional!

  3. I'd choose the Gabrielle. I love the greens and the leafy print.

  4. This is such a stylish cover and I love the innovative design. I am not real good at "discrete" in public nursing so I always need a cover.

  5. I'd get Joann and most likely keep it for myself.

  6. I'd choose the Gwendolyn and use it for my upcoming baby in August!

  7. This would be great for using with my soon-coming little one.

  8. this will be for my wonderful daughter in law who is due in june

  9. I would choose the Gabrielle scarf.


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