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Maternity Fashion with Everly Grey {Review}

When it comes to maternity fashion, comfort is key! Between backaches, feet pain, nausea, etc...the last thing you want is to be forced into uncomfortable clothes right? At the same time, we want to show off our growing bumps and remain as fashionable in pregnancy as we are otherwise! Throughout this pregnancy, I intend to share with you some wonderful maternity clothing companies I've found that will allow you to do just that- and today, I'm very excited to start off with a wonderful company called Everly Grey!

To be honest, I'd never heard of Everly Grey until recently. I discovered it while searching the web for some stylish maternity options, and absolutely fell in love! So many great styles to choose from, and they all look like styles that I'd want to wear ALL the time- not just while pregnant. For this review, Everly Grey generously sent me three different pieces to try out!

Bethany Shirt in Turquoise Plaid

This top is one of the new spring items, and I have to tell you, I absolutely love it! Turquoise is one of my favorite colors to wear, so it was a great fit for me. The shirt was comfortable and fit well (I received an XS in all items), I first wore it at 18 weeks, with just a small bump as you can see above, but I've since found myself wearing it just about once a week and there is still PLENTY of room to grow. When the photo above was taken it was still fairly cold, so I wore it with the sleeves down, but does have roll up button tab sleeves so it will last me through these warmer spring days as well. I have found this to be the perfect top for me during this pregnancy for that reason...with this unpredictable weather, either way I'm covered! The material is a gauzy material that will be plenty lightweight for spring and probably into summer as well. It's definitely been the most worn piece in my maternity wardrobe so far!

Abbey Maxi in Portofino Green

The Bethany Shirt may be my most worn...but the Abbey Maxi is by far my favorite piece in my maternity wardrobe! First of all, how stunning is this color? Gorgeous! (It also comes in black, which I'm certain would be gorgeous as well, but personally, I'm a girl who loves color in her closet!) And the lace detail on the shoulders? Absolute perfection. This was the dress that made me absolutely fall in love with the company! The material is incredibly soft as well, and oh so comfortable...I think I could wear this one every day. I'd originally thought I'd pair this with a belt, but found that it really worked great without anything!
I actually wore this dress out last weekend shopping and was shocked at all the feedback! I received more compliments on this dress than I have any other item in my wardrobe. With all the discomfort that comes with pregnancy, sometimes we don't feel like we look cute...we feel tired, swollen and just downright blah at times...or maybe that's just me...so that was a real confident booster and I definitely think every woman, pregnant or otherwise, needs to have at least that one item in her wardrobe that is going to make her feel super confident and pretty...and for me, this is it! I look forward to wearing it throughout the remainder of this pregnancy and after baby comes as well. (Though it won't be as ideal for nursing as other options-like the next dress- I believe there is enough stretch to it that it would still be doable anyway!). The only downfall of this dress- with the super light material (which makes it great for summer), every line shows...seamless underwear or some type of smoothing undergarment are definitely going to be a must with this one.

Sofia Ultimate Maxi Dress

To be honest, I almost overlooked this one on the website. Not because it wasn't super cute, but because it was pictured in black. Still beautiful, of course, but like I said, I'm a girl who loves color! I'm very glad that I decided to click anyway and discover it was also available in this deep coral...another of my favorite colors to wear!! This is again that same super soft, thin material which is great for summer but bad for panty lines...but still, not a deal breaker, just be advised and invest in seamless undergarments! And like the other, it's also insanely comfortable...I could sleep in this thing. I love the braided belt and strap details as well...so pretty and gives it a little extra something. (But if you'd prefer it without the belt, it does come off.) The only downfall for me on this one is that it does show off a bit more cleavage then I'm personally comfortable with- not a lot by most people standards, but for me at least. I just paired it with a bandeau top anyway for a little extra coverage for my comfort. A coordinating cardigan would be great for added modesty as well (unfortunately, none of mine went!). This is a dress that is going to be great for beyond pregnancy as well. The top slides over easily making nursing super easy! I could see this being an ideal going home outfit for mommy as well!

Overall, I absolutely loved each and every Everly Grey item I received and have already been recommending them to my friends. Price wise they're perhaps a bit higher than some...but also a lot cheaper than a lot as well...and the quality is definitely better than a lot of the cheaper options. (And check out their clearance section- everything $9.99!!! Awesome!) I will add to be mindful when washing as well- everything I received CAN be machine washed on gentle but the tags do mention that dry cleaning is recommended...personally, I'm washing mine on the gentle/hand wash cycle! These pieces are comfortable, stylish and fun...absolutely everything that maternity wear SHOULD be!! I am officially in LOVE!

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I received no monetary compensation for this post.


  1. These are all great maternity fashion statements, and you look great in them! Congrats on the little one. :)

  2. oh my goodness I love it!!!!
    You look BEAUTIFUL!
    I am not married, and I'm also not pregnant!!
    lol but when I am, I will remember this brand!!
    (now I wonder how long that will take ;))
    I like your blog!
    have a wonderful week!


  3. Those are adorable! The last one is really your color :)

  4. Those bright colours look great on you!

  5. You look so beautiful with those clothes! I want to be pregnant again so I can wear clothes like that. I remenber I was so frustrated because I always had to wear the same clothes. I was so limitated. And on holidays my frustration was worse! You look stunning! and great tip!

  6. THe cloths look beautiful! I wish I was so small and cute while I was pregnant lol


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