Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{Weeks 10-11}

I got a little behind on my pregnancy update posts and didn't get around to posting last weeks. Actually I never even took a picture last week. This crazy weather has had me feeling horrible and I just didn't feel like having a picture taken at the time. There wasn't much change anyway! The picture below is from today, 11 weeks!

Mommy: Mommy seems to finally be getting over this cold which is wonderful! Still having nausea here and there but it seems like scents at affecting it a bit less anyway! Hopefully I will be back to warming my Scentsy and using my BBW soon!! Still extremely exhausted as well! (Though I'm sure this isn't helped by The return of Shaun's night owl tendencies!) The only real craving I've had is orange juice- which is a bit inconvenient with the cold I've had! aside from all that, everything seems to be going well. According to the doctor last week, I've actually lost weight which blows my mind with my growing stomach and too tight jeans! But she said it was normal to lose in the beginning anyway so no worries about that for now!

Baby: Baby is the size of a lime! At last weeks appointment we got to hear Finley's heartbeat- so very exciting! Heart rate was 160! Our next ultrasound is next Friday, February 15th!! This appointment is with a specialist to check for any genetic issues so its a little nerve wracking but we are hopeful and very excited to get another look at baby! (And hopefully find out the gender!? It would be extremely early of course- 12.5 weeks- but we found out Shaun was a boy at just 11 weeks, 2 days so who knows!)

Big Brother Shaun: Shaun is still excited as ever! He keeps telling me that Finley is the size of a baby, not a fruit. I think our fruit comparisons are confusing him a bit! He loves talking to his baby (mostly about 20th Century Fox, of course!) and can't wait to get another look next week. Though at every doctors appointment he asks the doctor to get baby out of mommies tummy! He's ready!

The nursery/shopping: we honestly haven't gotten to do anymore shopping for baby done recently! I think at this point we have quite a bit already and are kind of waiting to find out the sex before buying some of the other things we will need! The nursery is coming along nicely though. I'm just in love with the bedding and gathering lots of ideas from Pinterest for the finishing touches, but again waiting a bit at this point to see which direction it needs to go in!


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