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InstaLately {1/31}

Let me just start off by apologizing in advance for any typos, etc. Unfortunately, last weekend my computer cord broke! How does this happen!? I have no idea, but unfortunately Best Buy did not have any universal cords that worked for my particular computer so I'm having to order one online and wait! Ugh! So in the meantime, I'm blogging via iPhone- not an easy task! It's definitely just been that kind of week I suppose! But anyway- onto those photos! Assuming I can figure this out! Ha!

Okay, okay- I can't seem to figure out a way to have text below photos from this app so I will write the descriptions in order here first! That works, right? (As I said- blogging via iPhone- no fun! But better than nothing anyway!!!)

1. Our crib bedding came! I know it's super early. We really did intend to wait until we knew if baby was a boy or girl before buying, but once you hear about the AMAZING, couldn't pass up deal I found, you'll understand why I couldn't resist ordering this gender neutral set now! But more on that (along with better photos) in a later post!!!

2. Remember how I said its just been that kind of week? Well, on top of the computer issues, Shaun and I are also sick! Mommy worse than Shaun it seems! I blame this crazy weather!! We went from cold to warm with rain and storms and now... It's snowing! Our poor bodies don't know how to handle this unpredictable Indiana weather!!

3. One of Shaun's favorite things to do with daddy is look at photos on iFunny. To be honest, I'm not sure that Shaun really understands half of the jokes but he loves laughing along with daddy and this mommy loves hearing the two of them!!

4. A little painting project for the nursery!

5. I found this idea on Pinterest to roll towels instead of fold them to save space, so I had to try it out- and it definitely works! My once stuffed full closet now has more room and looks nicer too! (Aside from my crazy mismatched towels anyway- one day I hope to buy all new matching towels but I have a hard time replacing something when there's nothing truly wrong with the ones we have!) anyway, I rolled up blankets this same way and it worked nicely too. We lost a lot of storage space when we moved to this home (it's not much smaller than our old home, just lacks storage!) and had been using the spare closet to store things, but now as we make room for baby, I'm having to try to find extra space in any way we can!!

6. All I can say about this one- Shaun has this new obsession with writing logos on all the walls. Very annoying! Especially when using Mommy's good makeup to do so! Oh dear! Thankfully it came off with soapy water but seriously- no fun! Have I mentioned this boy requires constant supervision!? This is (one of the reasons) why!!!

7. Little man insisted on ANOTHER haircut this week! He just had one a few weeks back. He wants to have short hair like daddy. Daddy's is actually shorter but mommy refuses to shave it ALL off!

8. "Mommy, make me black and white!" I love this kid!!


  1. Shaun has the most beautiful eyes!

  2. I hear ya on the i-phone blogging! I can't figure it all out with pics, too! Love the bedding!

  3. I may have to try this rolling towels thing sometime, very interesting! I hope you all are feeling better :)

    I love the painting/frame you made and I really love the bedding!
    THanks for linking up!


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