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InstaLately {2/6}

Another week of instalately via the iPhone! Unfortunately my new power cord came... but my computer still isn't working! Not good! So now we are on the search for a cheap, basic replacement! Oh how I hate spending money! In the meantime, iPhone blogging it is- so again, please bare with me!!

1. Why not start out with some Shaun cuteness!? After dumping most of his stuffed animals out of their tub, I let him know that he needed to put the toys back in. His response- he climbed in himself and announced that he was a toy too! What a silly boy I have! (And in case you're wondering- no, he never wears pants at home! Ha!)

2. A visit to daddy's office! And what did he do there? He drew his logos of course! This is honestly how he spends his days! All day, every day- making his production company logos! If its not drawing them, it's Legos or creating them out of whatever he can find! Quirky? Yes, but I love him!

3. I believe mentioned before that I'm working on getting the house organized a but better. One area that really needed it was my kitchen. I have a ton of kitchen stuff, and not enough storage for it all. The biggest downfall to our house here! I still have a lot of work left to do in here, but its a huge improvement at least!

4. The best picture of the week! We went to a Chinese buffet over the weekend and they had a sushi bar. My hubby loves sushi. And wasabi. But he put a little too much on and this was the result! (Let me just be clear, he knew before taking the first bite that he'd put too much on. In fact, he told me so which was why I had the camera ready! Silly husband... Must be where the little man gets his silliness from!!)

5. Daddy made chili this weekend as well and Shaun couldn't help but sneak a few peppers away! He loves them! He told me it was a fresh vegetable and tasted delicious! He also told me he loves spicy foods! I love this kid! (And that love of spicy food comes from his mommy!)

6. A Shaun Lego creation! Potato head lips!!! He's so clever!!

7. I shared this photo in yesterday's baby update post, so check that post out for more info!! 11 weeks!

8. German Chocolate Brownies!!! Oh my gracious these were delicious! This was a Pinterest find and just awesome! I will share this recipe when I can get on an actual computer, or if you follow me on Pinterest, its the Over the Top German Chocolate Brownies in my sweets board!


  1. Kitchen stuff just takes up so much space so I know the feeling all too well! Your sweet boy is so adorable

    And congrats on your fun new addition!!

    THanks for linking up!


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