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New Due Date. Ultrasound. & Silly Big Brother {13 Weeks}

12 Weeks, 5 days
13 Weeks, 2 days

With the new updated due date, August 24 (the day after my birthday!), we are now 13 week, 3 days today!! Which means we're nearing the end of the first trimester!! Mommy is hoping that means the nausea will end soon...but for now it's still hanging on. I'm still extremely tired all the time as well, and having a bit of back/growing pain, but I suppose that's just part of the territory. I'm certainly showing more now, and have actually started picking up a few maternity clothes! More than anything, I am anxious to get more done on the nursery and shopping for baby needs!

Baby Finley

On Friday, we got to see Baby Finley again! We were really hoping we might get a sneak peak at baby's gender, but unfortunately, the one shot they got in that area, Finley had his/her hands between the legs blocking our view...so no early guesses! Darn! But aside from that, everything is looking great...nothing of worry on the ultrasound, growing well, heart rate of 156, moving like crazy!!
Our meeting with the genetic counselor went pretty well also. As we already knew, we are at an increased risk of having another child with Autism. But like I said, we knew this before we even made the decision to try again, so this comes as no shock. As far as the other genetic issues in our families though, the risk increase is only very slight if at all, which is great news...and all of the blood work has come back normal!! Overall, it was a pretty good appointment!!

Big Brother Shaun
Is it any shock to say he's still impatient? He was really hoping to bring his baby home on Friday...in fact, during the ultrasound, he kept telling me it was time to push! Oh, my silly little boy! He also kept telling the ultrasound tech that she needed to write 'girl' on the pictures...to say he's still convinced it's a girl would be an understatement...he is quick to correct anyone who suggests it might be a brother! Let's just hope he's right, we'd hate to disappoint him!! But regardless, he loved seeing his baby again!!


  1. Oh my goodness...how cute that he keeps saying girl!

  2. congratulations what good pictures.

  3. I just discovered your blog and wanted to say hey! I have really enjoyed reading back through some of your posts about your son and his Autism diagnosis. I am an ABA therapist and my job brings me so much joy and so much respect and admiration for the families I work with. Children with Autism amaze me every day and, though it's sometimes difficult or hard to understand, seeing the world through their eyes is always so interesting.

    Looking forward to reading more, congrats on your pregnancy!



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