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Why I Love My Husband

Happy Valentines Day!
I wish you all a great day with those you love- be it your significant other, best friends, children or whoever!
Anyone have any big plans for the day? Some years we go all out on this day- like the year my hubby surprised me with a little blue box...all the way from Afghanistan...and other years, we don't do much of anything. This year is one of those years, which is perfectly fine by me...my hubby knows I love him deeply, just as I know he does me, and we don't need a special day to remind us of that! (But I do love that the stores are filled with my two favorite colors during this time!)

Why I Love My Husband
As I was browsing through my blog list this morning, I discovered this wonderful linkup called 'Why I Love My Husband'. It's an ongoing linkup, not specific to Valentine's day, but what a perfect day to discover it, right? So, I decided to join in...I'm pretty blessed to have found the perfect person for me, and I thank God every day for sending him to me. On paper, we shouldn't work- we're complete and total opposites, but in reality, I've found that your perfect match on paper isn't always the person you are meant to fall in love with. These are just a few of the many reasons why I love my husband:

  1. He knows all my flaws and accepts me anyway...is that kind of a given? No one is perfect, and finding that person who loves you anyway is a pretty wonderful thing.
  2. He's a great story teller. If you know my husband personally, you know how hilarious his stories can be! Even when he's telling a story that I was there for, his version is always much more entertaining!
  3. He spoils me...when I let him anyway! Remember that little blue box I mentioned above? A perfect example! I had always said I one day wanted something from Tiffany's, and two years ago on Valentine's Day, he made it happen!! (And also sent roses beforehand with a note that read, 'And you thought it was going to come in a blue box'...silly husband!)
  4. He cannot seem to order flowers online correctly. He loves surprising me with flowers...sometimes on holidays like today, other times just because...but the last two times, he's encountered a few issues. I believe the first was last Valentine's day...he kept hinting on the phone, asking if I'd gotten any packages or anything...all day long. I never did. Turns out, he'd ordered roses again, but this time forgot to hit the submit! Oops! But I thought the story was even better than the flowers. Then a few months ago, after our miscarriage, he gave me a warning that he'd ordered some flowers and the note was going to mention the baby (he didn't want me to be upset when they arrived since he'd ordered them beforehand). On the day they were scheduled to arrive...nothing. He'd done it again!! I couldn't believe it, but it was just the laugh I needed at that time! It sounds silly, but I could not be more grateful for those moments.
  5. He's proud to call me his wife, and of our family. I cannot tell you how many times I meet new people and am told that Matt talks about me and Shaun...all the time! And from what everyone has said, it's all positive! 
Five seems like a good number to end on today, but this is an ongoing list that will be added to each and every day of our many years together to come!

Why I Love My Husband  


  1. You are a handsome couple! And your number one reason why you love your husband is also mine. How wonderful it is to be fully accepted -flaws and all- and to be loved by a person that allows you to become your "better self" in your time and space? It's so awesome!

  2. i am your newest follower i love your blog

  3. Howdy.
    so sweet story. I really admire your love.


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