Monday, February 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Is it really Monday already!? Where did the weekend go? Seriously...I suppose that's what happens when you spend a full day of it in bed though, right? But I'll get to that time for the good news of the weekend:

Hubby bought me a new computer! As I've mentioned in my last couple posts, my poor laptop was having some issues. And by issues, I mean it wouldn't turn all. Originally we believed it was the power cord, so we bought a replacement...actually, we bought THREE replacements! Not one of them worked. Obviously, the issue was more than the power cord! I'd already replaced the battery recently, and from what I was reading online afterwards, these are not uncommon problems with this particular computer. Ugh. I hate spending money! I honestly tried to talk myself into just keeping the iPad for awhile, but in the end it just wasn't an option! As much as can be done on there, even if it's more difficult (like blogging), some things were still not photography and a new computer it was. It's nothing super fancy, but it works and is able to do what I need it to do. It is however a desktop, so that will take some getting used to, but we're hoping it'll last us longer than our laptops have in the past! At this point, I'm just happy to have SOMETHING! Now hopefully I'll be back to more regular posting!

Now, onto that day in bed...I wish I could say I was taking a much needed day of rest...or even just being lazy, but unfortunately that was not the case. Since high school, I have dealt with frequent migraines and this Saturday I had one of the worst I'd experienced in a long time! I literally could not move my head without feeling as though it were going to explode. It was horrible! The husband had to work that morning so I bribed the boy to hang out in bed with me with the iPad and oreos (bad mommy!)...and he was sweet enough to take him out for a boys day after he got home so I could rest in quiet. Thankfully, the worst of it has passed by now, but I hope to not have one that bad anytime soon...or ever!

On another good note, remember my post on the fan appreciation mystery hostess event my sponsor Linda was having for her Lilla Rose business? I was the very lucky winner of the $50 in Lilla Rose Credit!! How exciting is that!? I cannot wait to share my new goodies when they come in!!

How's this for a random bit of news on Monday...I have become addicted to Dr. Phil. Seriously. And it seems to be on ALL the time. Don't judge.

This Friday is our appointment and ultrasound with maternal fetal medicine. As it draws closer, I find myself getting more nervous, though I have no idea why! Truly, I don't believe they'll find any issues- perhaps its just the idea of having to go to a 'high risk doctor'? Still, I know if something does come up, we will accept it and deal with it as we have in the past! (And we're still keeping our fingers crossed for a peek at baby's gender!)

Well, I think that's enough randomness for today! My poor house has been neglected since I've not been feeling well, so I should really get to that...or play around on this new computer a or the other anyway! ;)

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  1. Hooray!!!!! How wonderful to have a computer back! Maybe not the most fancy of computers but I hear you on having something!! Tablets just don't cut it with some things!


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