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Baby on A Budget {Baby FREEBIES? Too Good To Be True?}

In today's edition of 'Baby on a Budget', I am sharing with you an awesome deal I found a few months back and have been sharing with all my expecting mommy friends since!! I'm sure many of you have seen the following offers floating around the web.

I know many of you have seen them and probably thought they couldn't be legit...$35-$50 products FREE? Sounds too good to be true. I'll admit, I was a bit iffy myself at first, but decided to give it a shot and ordered just one- the carseat canopy. And guess what? It arrived, and was more gorgeous (and soft) in person. So a few weeks later, I ordered the sling and nursing cover as well. All arrived and all were wonderful quality. The nursing pillow is a new offer, but through the same company. I haven't ordered this one myself (only because I already have a nursing pillow...I'll admit, with their super cute prints, I'm tempted to order another...you know, for travel or something!?), but have a friend who has and she received hers as well...so these are all 100% legit offers! Wow!!

See, they really came!!!!

So here's the deal, they're not 100% free, you DO have to pay shipping, which comes out to about $11.90 per item, still an awesome deal when you consider the alternatives. Nursing pillows cost around $40 or so. A good sling can cost anywhere from $30-$50+ (with my son, I paid around $30 for a similar sling that was not nearly as cute...just a simple solid black/green, and this one seems as though it will be more comfortable as well). I've seen nursing covers starting at about this price in stores as well, and with my son had one that cost around $10-15...but again, not nearly so cute as these options (and new ones just added!). I'm not sure about the comparable costs on the carseat canopies, I had nothing like this with Shaun and haven't seen any in stores, but I can only say on this that it's well worth the price. Of all the products mentioned, this is my absolute favorite! I want a few more! And these all make great shower gifts as well, without breaking the bank!!

So, how do you get the deals? Click on the banners above to go to each website, pick out your favorite prints, and use the code 46DFB1 at checkout. Super easy! You can also use these codes towards their gift sets as well, you just pay the difference in cost...still very reasonable costs! Same goes with embroidery or any type of upgrades!!
  • Carseat Canopy, The Whole Caboodle: carseat canopy, minky slipcover, minky head support pillow, baby lap blanket, replacement umbrella. Cost difference: $30. (This is the greatest cost difference, BUT includes a LOT!)
  • Seven Slings Gift Sets: Sling, Baby Leg Warmers, Adult Cuff Bracelet. Cost difference: $5.
  • Udder Covers Gift Set: Nursing Cover, 2 pairs of reuseable nursing pads, Milkbands nursing bracelet. Cost difference: $5. (They also offer 10 pairs of reusable nursing pads that you can buy as well, for $34.90. These can be rather costly, so this is a good deal too. I used disposable with my son, but am using washable this time around...the disposable can stick to your skin and can get quite costly as well!! Definitely recommend these!
  • Nursing Pillow Gift Set: Minky Nursing Pillow, 2 pair washable nursing pads, Milkband nursing bracelet. Cost difference: $5 from Minky Pillow, $10 from regular pillow.
These are all great deals as well! You'll pay a little more of course, but you'll get more too! My favorites are the Udder Covers for those nursing pads, and the Seven Slings for the Baby Leg Warmers...well worth the extra $5!!!

If you've been debating taking advantage of these awesome offers, but weren't sure...I highly recommend you go for it! I seriously tell all my expecting mommy friends about these!! And even for those not expecting, at this price, it's a great addition to a gift closet!! I'm sure there are many other online deals that truly ARE too good to be true, but these are not one of those! If you do decide to order, I'd love to know what you pick out!! Have fun shopping!!

Disclaimer: All products listed above were purchased by ME personally. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own. However, the post DOES contain an affiliate code, so I do make a small commission off of any purchases using this code. 


  1. I always wondered if these were legit. Thanks for testing it out!


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