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InstaLately (2/28)

Did you know Shaun was having a baby too? A baby cow that is...his name is Frederick, and he's the size of a grape...see?

And because our ultrasound tech is wonderful (and maybe also because Shaun laid on top of me and demanded to see his cow first), here is a little picture of Frederick the Cow! My kid is awesome. (He also insisted on being weighed, having his blood pressure taken and peeing in a cup. He was a very good patient!)

And of course, we got a picture of baby Finley too!
This was a surprise ultrasound. We weren't scheduled to have one at all, but baby was being stubborn and we couldn't find the heartbeat on the doppler, so we got an ultrasound instead. And guess what? We got a slight hint at baby's gender!!
It's still early to tell, so she warned us not to go out and start buying just yet, but she saw nothing on the ultrasound to indicate that baby is a boy, and said there's a very good chance that Shaun's insistence on a girl is correct! We go back in a month and should find out for sure!!

The beginning of Finley's closet! Okay, yes...there IS pink in the closet. We didn't go out and buy anything after the ultrasound, really! I'd actually found some uber cute, uber cheap baby girl clothes at a yard sale last week, and could not pass up the deals. We know a lot of friends having babies right now too, we figure if we can't use them, one of them surely will have a girl! But we're really hoping the ultrasound tech's early guess was right. I did warn Shaun that he'd be the one explaining the pink and purple outfits if baby WAS a boy, to which he insisted, "IT'S A GIRL!!!"

Remember how I've said Shaun has an obsession with 20th Century Fox? Well, apparently he thought we needed to go to LA for a visit!!

I posted a few days ago with a better picture of the decor so far, but here's one of the frame over the crib...which will eventually have 'Finley' or a monogram inside. This is a frame I'd redone myself that had been in our bedroom, but I thought it fit the nursery a bit better!

We didn't keep very much from Shaun's baby days...a moses basket, wrap carrier and a few clothes...these were among those clothes we kept, and I'm super glad we did!

Shauny and Mommy...I just love this boy!!!

And this is how we're ending the week...with a sick Shaun. (This is his feel better food...jello, applesauce and popsicles!) Poor kid has a sore throat, tummy ache and slight fever...he's miserable!! But the popsicles seem to be helping!! Ice cream always makes everything better!!


  1. That is absolutely adorable about how Shaun had to be checked at the Dr as well! So cute!
    I'm loving all the cute stuff you've gotten for your baby "girl" so far and truly hope you can keep the pink & purple!

    Thanks for linking up!


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